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The Highest Paid NFL Head Coaches

When people think of sports, and who gets paid because of them, the first thought always goes to the players. While the best NFL players certainly rake in the dough, let’s not forget about the coaches that help cultivate that talent. And for those that have the most successful teams, they often make the most money. Here are the salaries of the head coaches in the NFL right now.

Robert Saleh – $???

As the recently hired head coach of the Jets, we were unable to find Robert Saleh’s annual salary. However, we did discover his net worth of $5,000,000.

Urban Meyer – ???

Meyer is the new head coach of the Jaguars, and like Saleh, his current salary has not yet been disclosed. However, his net worth is reported to be an impressive $35,000,000. That actually ties him for the highest net worth with the actual number one spot.

Matt Nagy – $100,000

Nagy’s salary is rather meager compared to many of the other coaches that work in the NFL. However, he doesn’t have the lowest net worth. At $5,000,000, the head coach of the Chicago Bears is still doing well for himself.

Brian Flores – $500,000

The head coach of the Miami Dolphins makes quite a bit more than Nagy every year, about five times as much. However, unlike everyone else on this list, Flores’ net worth is still under review.

Kyle Shanahan – $3,000,000

This is a rather large jump in price in comparison to the amount this head coach is paid for his services. It really makes you wonder how much the other teams really value their coaches (or how little money they may have at their disposal). Shanahan’s net worth on the other hand is only $4,000,000, not being much more in comparison to the 49er’s head coach.

Mike Vrabel – $3,025,000

Not much more than Shanahan’s annual salary, the Titan’s head coach still has a rather good net worth of $10,000,000.

Kevin Stefanski – $3,500,000

The coach for the Browns certainly doesn’t have the lowest salary on this list, with a respectable $3,500,000. However, he does have the lowest, known net worth at only $2,000,000.

Dan Campbell – $???

Being a more recent hire, the new coach of the Lions hasn’t had his current salary revealed to the public yet. However, his predecessor, Matt Patricia, was making $4,000,000 a year. His net worth is also somewhat of an enigma, being between $1,000,000 to $3,000,000.

Brandon Staley – $???

The new coach for the Chargers hasn’t had his current salary revealed yet either. It’s stated to be a $1,000,000 contract, but the base salary and how often Staley gets paid has yet to be released. The salary of his predecessor, Anthony Lynn was making $4,000,000 annually. His net worth is currently at $2,000,000.

Mike Zimmer – $4,000,000

Zimmer’s making the same amount of money each year, he seems to be better at keeping it. The coach of the Vikings has a net worth of $6,000,000.

Mike McCarthy – $4,000,000

The coach for the Cowboys is doing fairly well for himself as well. His salary is $4,000,000 while his net worth is $9,000,000.

Doug Pederson – $4,000,000

The coach for the Eagles has the highest net worth out of those on the list with $4,000,000 salaries. Pederson’s net worth equals $15,000,000.

Frank Reich – $4,500,000

The first of our coaches on this list making this amount of money, the coach of the Colts is making a cool $4.5 million for their duties. Reich also has a higher net worth at $10,000,000, a testament to how well he’s doing for himself.

Zac Taylor – $4,500,000

The last one on our list of head coaches making $4,500,000, we have the coach of the Bengals. Zac Taylor also has the highest net worth in this category at $15,000,000.

Vic Fangio – $5,000,000

The coach of the Broncos is rather well off. The first on our list with an annual salary of $5,000,000, his net worth is only $4,000,000, but that certainly doesn’t mean he isn’t broke.

Matt LaFleur – $5,000,000

The coach of the Packers is one of two people on this list that has an annual salary of $5,000,000 and a net worth of $7,000,000. That would be him and the next person on the list.

David Culley – $???

Another recent hire, Culley was brought on to replace Bill O’Brien as the head of the Texans. While the exact amount of money his five year contract grants him is unknown, his predecessor made $5,000,000 a year. His net worth is estimated to be between $1,000,000 to $6,000,000.

Joe Judge – $5,000,000

Of all our head coaches making $5,000,000 annually, the coach of the Giants has the highest net worth at $20,000,000. He must be good at saving or spending money, as his net worth rivals that of some of the highest paid coaches in the NFL right now.

Mike Tomlin – $8,000,000

The coach of the Steelers has one of the highest net worths of the coaches that make $8,000,000 salaries. His $20,000,000 salary is nothing to scoff at.

Kliff Kingsbury – $5,500,000

The coach of the Cardinals is the only one making his current salary at $5,500,000. His less unique net worth is slightly lower, however, at $5,000,000.

Ron Rivera – $7,000,000

Alright, this is where we really start to get into the big bucks. The head coach of the Washington Football Team is certainly a jump from the previous entries on this list at $7,000,000. And he has a net worth of $10,000,000 as a result too. It makes sense for the coach of such a famous football team.

Dan Quinn – $8,000,000

The first of the $8,000,000 salary coaches, Quinn coaches the falcons. He has a somewhat lower net worth, especially in comparison to his salary, at $3,000,000.

Sean McDermott – $8,000,000

Sean McDermott’s an anomaly on this list, as the exact contents of his salary have not been confirmed. He recently had a contract extension and its believed the increased salary is around $8,000,000. Much less cryptically, his net worth is at $5,000,000.

Bruce Adrians – $8,000,000

The coach of the Buccaneers is doing very well. A salary of $8,000,000 a year and a net worth of $10,000,000, he must got everything figured out.

Andy Reid – $8,000,000

When it was said that Tomlin had one of the highest for his net worths for his salary, the one with a higher one was Andy Reid. At $25,000,000, his net worth is actually the third highest on this list.

Matt Rhule – $8,500,000

Those who make $8,500,000 a year have rather low net worths, and the coach of the Panthers isn’t an exception. His is only $5,000,000. A respectable number, but not quite as high as you’d expect at this level.

Sean McVay – $8,500,000

The coach of the Rams makes the same amount of money as Rhule, but has a net worth $2,000,000 higher. Still lower than his annual salary, but a more respectable number.

John Harbaugh – $9,000,000

The only man on this list that makes a $9,000,000 as their salary, the coach of the Ravens is the fifth highest paid coach in the NFL right now. His respectable net worth of $16,000,000 is nothing to scoff at either.

Sean Payton – $9,800,000

Number four is the coach of the Saints. At $9,800,000, Payton’s making plenty of money. With his net worth at $22,000,o00, he’s actually tied with the number two slot for the fourth highest net worth of all these coaches.

Jon Gruden – $10,000,000

Not only does the Raiders’ coach make the third highest amount of money in the NFL with a $10,000,000 annual salary, he also has the second highest net worth at $30,000,000.

Pete Carroll – $11,000,000

Next is the number two slot mentioned in Payton’s section. The coach of the Seahawks makes $11,000,000 with a net worth double that at $22,000,000.

Bill Belichick – $12,000,000

It makes sense that one of the strongest and most successful NFL franchises has the highest paid head coach. At $12,000,000, the coach for the Patriots edges out all of the competition. Not only does Belichick have the highest salary, but the highest net worth as well, at $35,000,000, beating even Gruden by $5,000,000.