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The Greatest Hitters In MLB History

1. Babe Ruth (1914-1935)

In other sports, there will always be arguments over who was the G.O.A.T. — but in baseball, that will never be up for debate. In addition to being a lights-out pitcher, Babe Ruth was the best hitter to ever step into a batter’s box. It’s easy to get swallowed up by his godlike legend but when you look at the numbers, you realize how truly talented he was. Among the stat categories that he still tops are wins above replacement, OPS and slugging percentage. He also posted a career batting average of .3421, which is 10th-best, and currently sits at second in RBIs and third in home runs.

Of course, Ruth was no slouch in the playoffs, putting together a career on-base percentage of .470 in the postseason and batting a ridiculous .625 in the 1928 playoffs, which led to one of his seven World Series titles.

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