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The Funniest Yard Signs You’ve Ever Seen

It seems as though a lot of yard signs denote one’s political beliefs and affiliations. Well, some people have a different idea. There are quite a few entertaining yard signs out there, and many of them you can buy.

Re-Electing Zombies

When it comes to government, that’s often how people feel about their elected representatives. They’re all just a bunch of braindead zombies. And incumbents almost always seem to get re-elected. And that’s just at the federal level. People that know about their state legislatures almost always seem to hate them.

Do Not Disturb

Leave the grass alone, guys. It’s trying to sleep. That’s why they needed to put up this sign in the first place. And they made sure to translate it into two different languages to really get that point across. Hopefully the grass is having pleasant dreams of growing nice and big.

Fabio At The Yard Sale

You know what they say: sex sells. And what better man to help you sell your products than Fabio. Of course, this is just a simple yard sale, but as soon as you get people through the door selling your wares will be all the more easy. The only thing that would make this better would be to have the actual Fabio present instead of a cardboard cutout.

A Note For The Neighbors

It always pays to do important activities while you’re wide away. After all, it’s easier to make mistakes when you’re so tired. Whoever got that note meant for their neighbor’s wife must have been incredibly confused. Maybe flattered. Hopefully not disappointed when they saw the new note.

Another Man’s Trash

The saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Whoever’s selling this probably has the same feeling about their things. It’s all “crap” to them after all. Otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to get rid of it. It has to have at least some value though, or else they would be throwing it out instead of selling it.

Cheating Husband

That’s one way to out a cheating husband. Yes! Let the whole neighborhood know of his infidelity! And it seems as though it was the women he was cheating with that put the sign up. Maybe don’t cheat while your wife is taking care of your mother.

Dos Equis

Here’s a message from the most interesting man in the world. He may not always go to yard sales, but when he does, he goes to this one. Perhaps its a yard sale worth looking into. If even the most interesting man in the world browses the yard sale.

Totally Not Haunted

It may not immediately be on your radar from just scanning the photo, but once you see it your eyes will be drawn to it every time. Telling your potential buyers that a house isn’t haunted is a surefire way to really make them think it’s haunted. And who wants to live in a haunted house?

Missing Michelangelo

Your turtle and your nunchuks have gone missing? Well, that sounds like a dangerous combination. They may be slow, but if they turn into one of those “Ninja Turtles”, criminals better watch out.

Don’t Call The Police

Looking at this sign and lawn, it does make you wonder what the offense was that made their neighbor even consider calling the police. What’d they do? Put too many flamingoes on their yard? You should at least talk to the guy first before calling the cops on them.

Pool Rules

This pool has some of the strangest rules. No running, jumping, or peeing in the pool seems like a no-brainer. But if you have problems with that, then why are bathing suits only optional?

Eddie The Cat

You start reading this and think to yourself, “man this cat’s really been through it”. The most cynical people might even wonder why this person would even want Eddie back in the first place. But when you get to the end, it all becomes clear. They don’t want the cat back, they still have it. They just want someone to return their car keys.

Pick Up After Your Dog

Seriously, just pick up after your dog. It’s not that hard. And especially don’t just leave it there if the dog pooped on someone else’s lawn. Other than the surveillance system, this family seems to have a pretty good deterrent for keeping dog poop off their lawn. Which poop’s worse to clean up from your lawn: humans or dogs?

No Soliciting!

Seriously, no soliciting! The owners of this sign really seemed to cover the major bases for why someone would solicit in the first place. Are all of those things true? Maybe not. But they probably don’t want to deal with any solicitors regardless.

Kicking A Habit

Littering is bad enough, but littering on someone else’s property? Come on. And if you don’t extinguish a cigarette butt properly you could start a fire. Of course, that’s not what this family’s worried about. They just want their cat to quite smoking.

An Underrated Classic

Some people put out signs saying what politician they support. Some people put out signs giving warnings to passersby. But these people know what’s up. Sometimes you just need a sign talking about how underrated your favorite movie is.

Everybody Sucks 2016

Regardless of who you voted for in 2016, it seemed as though everybody felt the same way about the candidates. “Everybody sucks” seemed to be a more viable candidate than either of the two main party presidential candidates. Although, of course, if they truly mean everybody, then it’s fair to say that the other people holding office weren’t that great either. They just had less power.

OMG, Becky!

Is Becky the name of someone in the neighborhood or just a generic name used for this sign? Either way, this sign’s bound to get someone’s attention. And perhaps they’ll sell plenty of their wares during the yard sale.

Welcome To Over The Hillville!

If you couldn’t tell, Over the Hillville isn’t actually a town. As a matter of fact, it just references when you reach a certain age. That age being… well, old. Hence all the surroundings signs referencing old people.

Nothing Worth Dying For

Honestly, there aren’t that many things worth dying for. And very few of those things would be inside of a house that you’d want to invade. And it seems as though the person that owns this house knows that. They also probably own a gun.

Shut Up And Take My Money!

A good way to get people to check out your yard sale is with memes. And this was a pretty well-drawn one at that. They didn’t even print out a photo. It has to at least be worth checking out with that level of effort.

Yard Sale Or Department Store?

This yard must be really nice for someone to mistake it for a department store. Even if it’s an inexpensive one. That alone makes it sound like it’s worth checking out. And you’ll probably find something that you need.

“Grandpa Finally Died Sale”

Woohoo! Grandpa finally died! That means it’s time to sell all of the stuff he gifted us that we don’t want or need to keep! That sounds pretty bad, but how much stuff that you inherit do you actually keep? If it’s not an heirloom chances are you’ll ditch it at the soonest opportunity. People don’t even keep the homes they inherit.

Hand Soap Before It Was Trending

When the COVID-19 pandemic began they said on the news that people needed to start washing their hands. Well, for a not insignificant number of the population were more confused that people weren’t doing that already. And this person wanted to let everyone know they were already on top of things.

Pit Bull With AIDS

There are multiple signs here warning people not to trespass and warning of the owner. But the first sign you’ll see will one hundred percent be the pit bull sign. Warning about a pit bull with AIDS is one of the strangest threats you can get. And when you think about it, an immunocompromised dog probably isn’t even that dangerous to begin with.

Any Functioning Adult

A lot of people hated the options for the 2016 election. Well, they didn’t feel any better about the ones for the 2020 election. That sign pretty well exemplifies that fact. It really was all people wanted for that election cycle.

Make America Great Again

Now that’s one way to make America great again. Everyone knows what this sign originally said, but everyone can agree that the new sign is a lot funnier.

Leave Your Leaves

The point of this sign was probably telling people to leave their leaves here. But the way the sign looks, it appears as though it’s pointing at this mound of grass and dirt and calling that leaves. Either way you look at it you can get some enjoyment out of it. How often do you get to say “leave your leaves”.

The Secret Bunker

Well, the bunker’s probably not quite a secret anymore. If there is a real one there to begin with. Well, in the event of nuclear armageddon, anyone near this neighborhood has somewhere they can go to save themselves.

Be Careful With The Sign

You’d expect the warning to be about surveillance or a dangerous dog. Nope! Turns out the warning’s about the sign, itself. Don’t steal the sign. Don’t even touch the sign. It’s apparently too sharp. Although it doesn’t look that sharp, at least on the corners.

Watch Out For The Low Limb

That is a pretty low limb on a tree. But, think about it. What’s the sign going to do for you? The tree limb’s already pretty low. Not to mention, incredibly thick. And it’s in a yard. So it’s not like you’ll be bringing any vehicles through this area.

Never Gonna Give You Up

Seriously, vote for Rick Astly. He’ll never give you up or let you down. Well, we’re not going to go through the entire refrain of that song right now, but you probably know all the things that he’ll do to stay in your good graces.

“It’s My Birthday…”

Happy birthday! This kid probably doesn’t actually want to be out here. They probably have better things to be doing. It is their birthday after all. Although they may have gotten a lot of honks from passersby.

I Just Wanted A Sign

Yeah, there’s not much else to say here. Sometimes you just want a sign for your yard. And when you don’t want to say anything particular about political allegiance or have any warnings you want to put on your sign, you just say that you wanted a sign.

A Flirty Gosling

Some people really pull off all the stops to get people to go to their yard sales. Who wouldn’t want to go meet Ryan Gosling somewhere. And if you don’t see him there, well, then you just waited too long to head over. You’ll have to get that matching tea set with someone else.

F*** Around And Find Out

There’s only one way to really find out. And that’s if you decide to well… you know. That’s how you find yourself in undesirable situations. Although, it’s surprising to see that their was a surveillance system with this name.

Fat And Lazy

No better way to offload some exercise equipment you have never and will never use than by just leaving it on the side of the road for people to pick up. And the sign’s a good way to motivate people to pick it up after all.

Sexy Garage Sale

Sex really does get everyone’s attention. Its curious what makes the garage sale sexy to begin with. Will there be scantily clad people working at the garage? Regardless of the reason, it was probably the place to be on October 29th.


There’s warning people to pick up after their dogs, then there’s this. Most people threaten the dog owners over the dogs. But it seems as though this person really wanted to take it out on the dog.

Birthday Wishes

Tombstones in the yard to celebrate their 50th? Really? Come on dude, Bob’s not that old. He may not be young anymore, but he’s not at death’s door… unless he knows something we don’t.

Motivation To Use Less Water

Some of the western states have been going through a drought for a while now. It’s good to give them some motivation to not water the grass on their lawn as often anymore. After all, if a brown lawn is attractive, more people will want to head over to yours.

Saving Time Making Signs

Did they even try when making this sign? Maybe they just didn’t have enough paper for the sign? No, that can’t be it. Half that first line is still empty, and “garage” is only a six-letter word. It also doesn’t help with your sale. “Groj” isn’t nearly as recognizable as its origin word. You probably won’t get that many customers.

On This Spot

Happy April Fool’s Day! This particular sign you may find in a couple different locations. But they all point out a certain concept: not every place is special. And not every date is particularly special. Hopefully they didn’t do anything more dangerous on that April Fool’s Day in addition to putting up that sign.

Garage Thale

Another celebrity endorsement for a garage sale? Or a “garage thale” it seems like. Yeah, some people might come to your garage sale to see Mike Tyson, but maybe you should pick a better time to start it. 8:30 on a Sunday is just too early. A lot of your neighbors will probably be at church.

Everything Must Go!

This sign gives off the same vibes as that sign in The Walking Dead. It almost reads CHEATING GARAGE WIFE SALE. Well, considering that this person’s wife cheated on them, they most definitely want to get rid of their wife as well. Just look at the second line for confirmation.

For Lease Navidad

Merry Christmas! Nice prank, good joke. Although, whoever painted this over the sign will probably need to reimburse the creators some cash. After all, the paint almost completely covers the phone number on the sign. You can probably figure it out when studying it up close, but in a quick drive by there’s no way you’re figuring out that phone number.

Going To Jail Sale

There are many reasons to open up a yard sale. Sometimes you’re just cleaning out clutter. Sometimes you’re getting rid of an enemy’s belongings. And sometimes you know you just won’t need any of that stuff anymore. Like this person. You’re not going to need any of your belongings if you’re going to jail.

Keep Off The Grass

Having a “keep of the grass” sign isn’t inherently funny. But just look at this field. It looks nice and pristine, but not particularly hard to manage or fix. Whoever put this sign up has had problems with trampling feet on their yards before.

God’s Making House Calls!

Well that’s one reason to cancel a church service. Although, that idea of what a house call is may be somewhat worrying. After all, when he did that in the Bible the first born child of every household died.