The Funniest Yard Signs You’ve Ever Seen

It seems as though a lot of yard signs denote one’s political beliefs and affiliations. Well, some people have a different idea. There are quite a few entertaining yard signs out there, and many of them you can buy.


There haven’t been any children named Karen since 2016. Everyone’s in on the joke at this point, which is what makes this sign all the more funny.

Rick Astley

If this one wasn’t a joke, maybe people would actually consider voting for him. He sounds like a great candidate.

Don’t Let The Goats Out

This sign starts out a little mundane, but the second half really pulls it together. What’s the worst that could happen though?

2020 Bad

I think most people agree that 2020 was substandard as far as years go.

Tiger King

Tiger King really left its mark on the world. The TV show really didn’t have a very objective viewpoint on whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband or not.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross has really had a resurgence in popularity in the last few years.

Caution: 50 Year Old

This one can certainly be used by an older person who knows who they are and is willing to make fun of themselves. Or it can be used by a young person trying to keep away other young people.

This Sign Will Make You Vote Differently

It probably won’t, but nice try.

Two Hands

Wait a second… I don’t think that sign’s referring to the fish.

Dungeness Crab

Who wouldn’t be terrified of a guard carb? Only those truly foolhardy would risk going up against one.

Stay Over There

You must either really hate your neighbors or be incredibly anti-social to sincerely have this sign. Either that or you really wanted to make fun of All-State.


Is making fun of potential alcoholism really that funny? Well, when it’s done like this it is.

The Lord, A Rottweiler, And A Gun

If what’s on this sign is true to the owner, then it would make sense to not trespass on their property.

Downward Dog

This must be what the downward dog yoga position was made for. It only makes sense to use it to its fully capability.

No Soliciting

You can understand why this is the one exception. Although, you might wonder what makes Amazon pancakes so exceptional.

Vote Cthulu

He’s the nominee from the Lovecraftian Party.


The thing about this one is that it’s just a photo printing on a sign. And the pelican itself also looks hilarious.

Baby Elephants

Even though they’re massive, baby elephants are still adorable. Not sure if the same thing can be said for Tennessee fans.

Bigfoot 2021

That’s not inaccurate.


This joke is terrible. This joke is so terrible that it loops back around to being funny.