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The Funniest Images Captured At The Gym

The gym, a place where everyone works out, getting stronger, more fit. Everyone goes to the gym to better themselves. But sometimes, people may be caught in some compromising moments. Below are some of those moments, immortalized on the internet for all to see.

Short Shorts

Whether they were riding up or not, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that she should’ve worn longer shorts to the gym.

Caught Staring

Speaking of butts, looks like someone wanted to get an eyeful while they were taking a break.

Bad Technique

They say lifting is all about technique. And it seems as though this guy doesn’t have good technique at all.

Help From Behind

It’s pretty obvious that this man is just spotting this young woman. It’s common to help people while weightlifting. Of course, they appeared to be doing a little bit more than just weightlifting in this moment. The look on her face didn’t help.

Dress Lift

It’s actually impressive that she’s able to lift this, weights are rather heavy. Or at least her dress gives the perception that it should be more difficult. Normally they don’t let you into a gym to work out if you’re dressed like that.


Her form looks fine, like she’s not in any immediate danger. But her face tells you that a critical error has been made.

Leg Lifts

The legs are stronger than the arms. But they also don’t have fingers.

True Strain

This guy’s really giving it his all. You can see practically every vein in his body. It’s just a shame that it looks funny.


How did they end up in this situation…? And… why?

Balancing Act

Well this is an easy way to get yourself injured. You already need a spotter for when you’re doing regular weights so you don’t get hurt by accident. You’re just adding unnecessary difficult. You might even be rooting for this guy to get hurt because of his stupidity.

Wardrobe Issues

What started the issue with this person’s wardrobe will forever be a mystery. However, it is still entertaining to look at.

Stacked Men

These guys must be gymnasts or something. Not a lot of people can group up to become a living Jenga tower.

Dogs in the Gym

You’d think running into dogs would only be a problem at a home gym. What kind of exercise are you doing that a dog winds up on your rear?

Misuse of Equipment

Even if you don’t go to the gym all that often, it’s abundantly clear that you do not use that piece of equipment that way.

Ice Cream

It might be a little hard to see, but someone isn’t taking their gym time as seriously as the other people in this image.

An Older Lady

Seeing older people at the gym isn’t all that strange, they still want to stay in shape after all. However, sometimes staying in shape may not be why they’re at the gym.

Attentive Parent

Some people keep their children close, take them everywhere they go. A protective parent would want to make sure they stay safe. But taking your kid to the gym is probably more dangerous than just leaving them at home.

The Batman

One would think that he would get all the cardio he needs from beating criminals. In all seriousness, how did he even get in here with that getup? It’s probably harder to move around in those spandex than in the dress from earlier.

Mountain Climbing

They have actual rock walls in some gyms. And indoor rock-climbing in other locations. It’s probably not wise to misuse this equipment in such a way.

A Familiar Face

It makes one wonder why this person decided to get a Chaplin mustache. A certain individual had ruined them for everyone long ago.