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The Funniest Subway Moments Caught On Camera

Your morning commute may be one of the most mundane parts of your day. However, the mundane can become magical if you’re observant enough. And if you’re quick enough, you might even get to capture it on camera. Here are some of the most hilarious photos taken on people’s subway commutes.

Perfectly Timed

A very fortunate or unfortunate stop depending on your point of view. For us though, it’s very fortunate. They’d probably look quite dapper in a full-sized bowler hat.

How To Meet Women On The Subway

Some men need advice when it comes to talking to and asking out women. It might not be a good idea to give away your secrets while you’re still on the subway though. Especially when you’re seated right next to a woman.

Spreading Makeup Like Butter

Sometimes you rush out the door so fast that you just don’t have time to get everything ready. While putting your makeup on while on the subway isn’t too out of the ordinary, doing it with a plastic knife is. Maybe she was running so far behind that she forgot some of her normal stuff as well.

Nap Time

Late at night or early in the morning, the subway’s not going to be particularly full. Well, five or so people in this car were all tired, so they decided to get some shuteye before they reached their destination. Hopefully they woke up before the train left their stop.

That’s One Way To Hide

Maybe they didn’t want to see other people. Maybe they didn’t want someone specific to see them. Or maybe they just had something embarrassing on their face they wanted to hide. Luckily, the hood probably wouldn’t prevent them from hearing when they arrived at their stop.

The Cat In The Coat

Did you see it? It might be a little hard to see at first. Well, pets are generally not allowed on public transit, but not everyone has a car they can use to get where they’re going. So of course this woman stuffed a cat in her coat while traveling.

Lettuce Head

Maybe this person knows something we don’t. Maybe lettuce is excellent at preventing rain from soaking your head. Or maybe this guy’s just a little weird.

Bringing Your Own Pole

Hey, this one should go under life hacks instead. In a time where you may be afraid of touching subway poles, or if you’re already a germaphobe, this is the perfect way to avoid those issues. It’s just a shame you’d look so silly attaching a plunger to the ceiling of a subway car.

An Infestation

No dogs or cats, but what about rats? He seems to be having a good time with his pets climbing on his back. Hopefully those are his pets at least.

Subway Maniacs

The fact that the man in the foreground is reading a newspaper article about subway maniacs while this is happening is just the icing on the cake. The incidents surely are soaring. There’s someone hanging upside down in your car like a bat.

Fashion Sense

This person just has an incredible fashion. Just, wow! Absolutely stunning. It’s hard to imagine that anyone was able to take their eyes off of him until he got off the train.

Smart Car

This smart car must have a smart driver to be able to figure out how to get it on the subway. If their legs are non-functional you’d think they could use a wheelchair or scooter, but no, they need an entire small car, designed for use in the street.

Batman V. Vader

Clad in black? Check. Incredibly tall? Check. Wears a cape? Triple check! It’s not until you see these two face off against each other that you realize how similar their aesthetic is. And they probably wouldn’t be too fond of each other either.

Resting On The Train

Well, this person decided to bring a hammock on the train. In theory it probably seemed more comfortable to do than sleeping in one of the subway seats. However, it looks like they bought the wrong size hammock. Either that, or they just didn’t have enough space to spread it out.

Red Ranger, Red Ranger

You’d think the Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger would have a faster way to get to the battle. Alas, he needed to take the bus. Don’t worry, he’ll get there to help his teammates and save the day eventually.

A Genuine Leprechaun

Perhaps someone found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It doesn’t look like there’s any gold in his pot. And if he was still rich, he probably wouldn’t need to to public transportation.

He’s Sleeping Somehow

Climbing up the bars on a train as a young kid is one thing. But it looks like after he got up there he passed out. Was he really that tired? That doesn’t even look that comfortable.

Something’s Wrong With Pikachu

Watching people walk around in those Pikachu suits is kinda cute and funny. But then you see something like this and it conjures up all sorts of images in your head.

Zebra Centaur

This person’s very committed to their cosplay. Although it’ll probably make it a bit more difficult for them to got on the subway. Overall though, it’s a very good outfit.

Napoleon Looks Dynamite

This person looks quite dapper in their 1700s French military attire. They look like what Napoleon may have appeared as back in the day.

The Raven

Whether it’s Edgar Allen Poe or just a goth aesthetic, this girl looks great with her bird. It’s hard to tell if the raven’s actually alive from just the photo. It looks so lifelike.

Plague Doctors

It looks like an emergency or construction worker got stuck at “Plague Con”. Plague doctor’s masks are actually at least a little bit effective at preventing the transmission of disease. Although why all these people are together is still bizarre. They even seem to be talking to the man in the photo.

A Penguin Convention

Speaking of “Plague Con”, what about “Penguin Con”? If this isn’t some sort of flash mob it has to be a convention. Some of these people had a bit more commitment to the joke as well.

Bird Gang

These people must be rather fond of birds, or at least raptors. Perhaps they’re trainers. Although the odd one out is the person at the bottom. They have a small falcon instead of an owl like the others.

Jesus Christ!

Wait… is that Jesus Christ! Seeing him step onboard your train for the day must be very exciting. Although, he really does stick out like a sore thumb in his old pastor attire.