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The Funniest Animal Pictures

CanThere is such a wide variety of cute and cuddly animals all over the world. Many are more dangerous than others, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t admire them from a distance. That also doesn’t mean that we can’t laugh at them when they do something stupid too.

Grumpy Bird

This could be the sequel to Grumpy Cat that everyone’s been waiting for. This bird is called a pied starling. Because of the angle of the shot, the starling’s regular beak shape appears to be frowning. Even so, it’s unlikely to ever see a bird ever look this angry. This photo was taken by Andrew Mayes in a picture called “Monday Morning Mood”.

Flipping the Flipper

It’s a little difficult to tell how exactly this turtle, known as Terry, is capable of manipulating its flippers in such a way. This photo was taken by Mark Fitzpatrick. It even won the Comedy Wildlife Award in 2020. In addition, it won in the category for “Creatures Under the Sea”.

Photo Bomb

The giraffe on the right looks like its day was completely ruined by the one on the left. Then the one on the left decided to have someone take a picture of them. Regardless, the right giraffe is not having it. This photo was taken by Brigitte Alcalay Marcon and is titled “Crashing into the Picture”.


This Floridian squirrel looks like it could be doing a couple different things. Is it holding its hands up to an invisible fire? Is it shouting at people and trying to get them to calm down? Or perhaps it’s even being arrested by the squirrel police. The only one that probably knows is Mary McGowan, the photographer of this image.

Lost Seal

It appears as though this seal went too far inland after getting to shore. They’re still on the beach, but they seem so confused on where they actually are. This image of an adorable-looking seal was taken by Johan Siggesson.

Caught in the Act

Haven’t you ever wondered what happened to all those corn kernels when walking through a corn maze? Well, even if you weren’t, this is where they end up. In this photo, taken by Barb D’Arpino, the chipmunk has finally been caught in the act.

Laughing Lion

I’m wondering what was so funny that the lioness on the left found itself rolling around on the ground. At least in comparison to the giraffes, these lionesses enjoy each other’s company a little more. This photo was taken by Austin Thomas.

Eating A**

Hippos are already an incredibly aggressive species, even to their own kind, so you shouldn’t be particularly surprised by this. This isn’t even the only photo out there of a hippo biting another one’s bum. This intriguing photo was taken by Mike Triton.

Loss of Balance

Three owls landed on a perch. One of them had slightly worse balance than the other two. Now you can see the results. This image is a part of a series of four photos called “Hope”, taken by Tibor Kercz.

Dancing Ants

This is one of those images that really makes you wonder how the photographer got the ants to pose like this. They almost look like they’re dancing, or that one’s at least dipping the other. This photo is called “Mi Antmor” and was taken by Usman Priyona.

Dancing Dragons

And we have another pair of dancing animals, albeit on a much larger scale this time. Alternatively, instead of viewing it as a waltz, you could say the Komodo dragons are hugging. Albeit, this is also how the largest lizard species does battle. This photo was taken by Sergey Savvi.

While No One’s Looking

This chacma baboon thought it could get away with scratching it’s behind while no one was watching. But someone was watching. Martin Grace calls this photo of their’s “Socially Uninhibited”.

A Real Mouthful

It appears these two puffins were hungry and got some lunch. One of them, however, bit off a little more than they could chew. This photo was taken by Krisztina Scheef.


We don’t know what happened to this meerkat, why it’s covering it’s face, and we certainly don’t know why it looks so embarrassed. All we know is that it must have been awful.

Absolutely Fabulous

This rhino was just minding its own business when all of the sudden it became absolutely magnificent. Peacocks have always been extravagant birds, adding their tail feathers to another animal only makes that creature even better. This image is called “Rhinopeacock” and was taken by Kallol Mukherjee.

“Hello There”

Something about animals doing things people do is hilarious. Ordinarily a bear standing upright is terrifying, but with this one waving it’s kind of funny. This photo was taken by Eric Fisher.


A raccoon can fit into any hole at least four inches in diameter. You can really get that sense by looking at this gaze (a group of raccoons). This photo was taken by Kevin Biskaborn.

Mortified Otter

Most of the time when we look at an otter, its eyes are completely black. That makes it easier for it to see in the dark after diving. But when you can see that little bit of white around the pupils, it goes from looking adorable to looking horrified. This image by Max Teo perfectly encapsulates that look with this young otter being held by its mother. Even better, the photograph was titled “It’s the Last Day of School Holidays”.

Chest Bump

Ordinarily, these two species are at odds with one another. But perhaps, these two individuals managed to find common ground. Either that or they’re trying to assert dominance. This photo was taken by Thomas Mangelsen.

What Kind Of Exam…?

Foxes are quite interesting creatures. At least somewhat intelligent, skilled hunters. They also smell really bad. If that’s what caused this one fox to examine the other’s behind, we may never know. This photo is called “Waltz Gone Wrong” and was taken by Alastair Marsh.