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The Country Lifestyle At Its Finest

Cities, suburbs, every place to live in has its own charms. However, no place has the same level of ingenuity as rural areas, also known as the country. The level of creativity and number of life hacks available to them is incredibly interesting. It might make you want to live in the country. Or you might just look at some of the things they do and think they’re funny.

Truck Bed Spa

You don’t always need to go to the beach or a spa to get pampered. You just need a truck, a water hose, and a plastic sheet.

Wheeled Cooler

Trying to move around a cooler, but don’t want to carry it? No biggie. Get some suspension chords and a lawnmower. Then you can just push it around.

Down In The Dirt

Bikinis have more uses than just being swimwear. It’s much easier to clean off the dirt after a hard day pushing a dune buggy out of the mud.

Two For One

Dune buggies don’t have as much fuel as a full car. So why not tie it to the roof of your car and drive it where you want to do your stunts.

Who Needs A Boat

Not this guy. Just need a couple planks of wood and a lawn chair. Although, that device doesn’t seem particularly stable.

Country Boa

Most of the time people do this sort of thing with snakes. Something about doing it with an alligator is just… interesting to say the least.

Package Deal

Set up the grill! Looks like the chicken trap worked! Grilling a gator isn’t a particularly uncommon thing in the south. Grilling one with a bird in its mouth is.

Reverse Photo Bomb

It’s hard to tell who was supposed to be the focus of the photo here. There’s the bearded gentleman making the bizarre face, and then the man about to bellyflop into the mud hole. Although, it’s obvious who the camera thought was more interesting.

Mud Bath

Speaking of mud holes, this girl must have really had a good mud bath. Her mud-covered skin really accentuates the whiteness of her teeth.

Trailer Park Treehouse

This seems like a fun community. Trailers aren’t particularly large, but you can still share space with your neighbors.

“I Prefer My Lawn Chair”

Whatever happened to the original driver’s seat in this car doesn’t matter. This man was able to find a suitable replacement with the tools he was given. Although I imagine it’s not a particularly comfortable seat.

Just Lounging Around

You really have to go the extra mile to not only sit on your roof, but get a couch up there. The crutch by his side would make one think there was also something wrong with this guy’s leg in the first place.

Pictures Taken Before Disaster

Breaking a horse and the rodeo can be incredibly dangerous. Exhibit A) this image taken right before this cowboy got a concussion.

Redneck Dream Catcher

Nothing shows you country ingenuity better than this. Hang this up over your bed at night to catch your dreams.


We see the evolution of an earlier slide. The rickety lawn chair and planks has now turned into a full raft. The perfect place to hang out with the guys.

The Soul Of America

The image of the southern portion of the United States is best exemplified here. A boat trip, drinking alcohol, fishing nets, and an American flag.

Bull Riding

Sometimes it just seems as though women only have bikinis in the south based on the images we normally see. Riding a bull, even an animatronic one, isn’t a particularly safe thing to do. So wearing as little clothing as possible seems like it’s not a very good idea.

Southern Girls

Southern girls are said to have “a certain way” about them. Their sun-kissed skin certainly helps people understand what that means.

Hair Bikini

It takes a strong man to accept that they have this much hair on their body. It takes a bold man to shave their torso into this shape.

America Man

Patriotism is known to be rather rampant in the southern states. Seeing someone dressed like this and excitedly making a “peace” sign shouldn’t be too unexpected.

Clearly They’re Friends

The horse being caught between the bars would be funny enough on its own (how did this even happen?) but the photobombing cow elevates it even further. It even appears to be smiling.

Stool-Cart Racing

There are plenty of alternative sports people can try out. One such sport is stool-cart racing, which is ordinarily performed by older individuals.

Car Accident

Oh the head trauma. Whatever this child had run over and hurt themselves in, it was truly an unfortunate occurrence. Maybe that kid was just a little too big for the car.


As you can see, Sasquatch is the name of the boat. And all the men aboard the Sasquatch are ready with their nets for some fishing. Have you ever seen a more prepared group of people in your life?