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The Best Starting Quarterbacks In The NFL (2023)

The cornerstone to any football team is the one that starts every play, the quarterback. A football team cannot function without them. Which is probably why having a good one is so important to every NFL team. Let’s take a look at this year’s lineup of starting quarterbacks. Let’s see which of them are the best and which ones are the worst.

32. Davis Mills – Texans

PSRRT: 83.3

Davis Mills ended up being the starting quarterback last season because of the drama surrounding Deshaun Watson. He had a good arm, but was still erratic and inefficient. And he didn’t have much support power either. The Texans think he could help save their franchise, but others don’t quite think that’ll be the case. The Texans seem to be having the idea of drafting a new quarterback, however. They are going pretty early in the draft.

31. Andy Dalton – Panthers

PSRRT: 87.6

With Derek Carr moving over to the Saints, Andy Dalton’s future with the team became uncertain. That’s probably why he decoded to go over to the Panthers. Having a bit more freedom as a free agent, he signed a 2 year contract for 10 million dollars. Let’s see how well he’ll play for the Panthers.

30. Jordan Love – Packers

PSSRT: 68.7

With Aaron Rodgers gone from the Packers, someone needs to move up to the starting quarterback position. And that person is Jordan Love. His passer rating isn’t incredibly great, but we haven’t gotten to see him perform much yet. Hopefully he can fill the hole Rodgers left.

29. Kenny Pickett – Steelers

PSRRT: 76.7

Kenny Pickett has officially replaced Mitch Trubisky as the Steelers’ starting quarterback. He has unwavering pocket confidence that seems as though it will lead to more picks. However, there is still more to like about his ball placement on the field. He also seems to have good general awareness and tough running.

28. Justin Fields – Bears

PSRRT: 79.7

Justin Fields had a rough first season, but that’s changing quickly with his new play-caller, Luke Gentry. He brings a lot of helpful RPO concepts. Fields will hopefully have more of an opportunity to put his good arm and athleticism to good use. Being given more freedom to run will also help him with his passing growth.

27. Sam Howell – Commanders

PSRRT: 83.0

Sam Howell’s seemingly taking over as the Commanders’ starting quarterback, but he might not have the position for long. Recently, the Commanders acquired Jacoby Brissett, who may get the position instead of him.

26. Desmond Ridder – Falcons

PSRRT: 86.4

The Falcons may have signed on Taylor Heinicke, but it seems the former Commanders quarterback is only on as a backup. That means that Atlanta really does have faith is Desmond Ridder as their franchise QB. Hopefully he lives up to their expectations.

25. Russell Wilson – Broncos

PSRRT: 84.4

Russell Wilson will be playing outside of Seattle for the first time in his entire career. He’s proven to be incredibly consistent in his career, even after his first true injury. It may take a little time for him to get used to the Broncos, but he’ll be bringing his all-around skill to the team.

24. Mac Jones – Patriots

PSRRT: 84.8

Jones was rewarded for his actions last season, being given the starting quarterback position. However, he hasn’t exactly been living up to Bellichek’s standards lately. Or more accurately he’s been having trouble remaining healthy. Replacements have been needing to pick up his slack after ankle injuries. Bailey Zappe even had to replace him mid-game at one point.

23. Nick Foles – Colts

PSRRT: 86.2

The Colts are in need of a franchise quarterback, and currently it looks like Nick Foles is their guy. However, at the draft the Colts have the fourth pick. They could end up drafting a new quarterback in Will Levis from Kentucky, C.J. Stroud from Ohio State, Anthony Richardson from Florida, or Bryce Young from Alabama.

22. Jimmy Garappolo – Raiders

PSRRT: 86.3

Despite offensive skill injuries and line shakiness, Derek Carr’s proven to have had two great seasons, back-to-back. He’ll likely feel rejuvenated, playing with Davante Adams, as well as having a few other good weapons. He’ll have a more dynamic team under their new coach, Josh Daniels.

21. Baker Mayfield – Buccaneers

PSRRT: 86.5

Baker Mayfield’s been moving around a lot of different team recently. But with Tom Brady retiring (again), it looks like the Buccaneers needed a replacement quarterback. And they were fortunate enough to get Mayfield on his team. Perhaps with a good support system he’ll be able to perform better.

20. Matthew Stafford – Rams

PSRRT: 90.9

Matthew Stafford had one of the more troubling seasons in the league, especially coming off of a Super Bowl win. The Rams had a broken operation from the start, with Stafford constantly being left open to absorb waves of punishment from the opposing teams. Its possible he won’t stay with the Rams for much longer.

19. Ryan Tannehill – Titans

PSRRT: 91.9

At age 34, it’s looking like Ryan Tannehill may be about to get phased out. He was an ideal passer with a good arm and athleticism in the past. He even proved to be capable of some good running on his own. However, he lost his way last season. It seems as though he’s hit his ceiling.

18. Geno Smith – Seahawks

PSRRT: 84.8

Initially, everyone thought that Drew Lock would be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks. But he just couldn’t beat out Smith for the starting position. Despite his previous resume, Smith’s been showing that he’s an efficient and dynamic player. Among the active starters, the only other quarterback that’s actually averaged more yards per attempt this year is Jalen Hurts.

17. Daniel Jones – Giants

PSRRT: 92.5

So far Jones has been proving to be an underrated asset for the Giants. While he’s been doing rather well, he’s also still prone to injury. A bad ankle took her out a little while back and even his backup Tyrod Taylor ended up getting concussed. This forced the third string quarterback, Davis Webb, to have to take over.

16. Brock Purdy – 49ers

PSRRT: 107.3

It looks as though Brock Purdy will be the future of the 49ers franchise. Jimmy Garoppolo had more starts last season, but Purdy became a top ranked passer after taking over in just Week 14. And as a result, the 49ers led the league in points per game, yards per attempts, and yards per play. Not to mention, he has an excellent passer rating. It looks as though he’ll continue to thrive in the years to come.

15. Deshaun Watson – Browns

PSRRT: 102.3

The Brown’s offense really seemed to plummet after Deshaun Watson took over the QB position. Its understandable, considering how he was off the field for two years, but he was really struggling with his wideouts. Only 58.2 percent of his passes were completed. However, his skill seems to have skyrocketed over time. Right now he’s considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

14. Kirk Cousins – Vikings

PSRRT: 92.5

Kirk Cousins actually has some of the best receiving corps in the NFL. Helmed by Justin Jefferson, they really help out when it comes to Cousins’ throwing arm and overall efficiency. However, despite his own skill and support system, he still only ranks in the middle as far as starting QBs go.

13. Lamar Jackson – Ravens

PSRRT: 96.7

Lamar Jackson took a few bad hits last season and ended up missing five games. Although, the worry isn’t about Jackson, himself, but more so his receivers and offensive line. They made sure to change up his receivers to better suit Jackson, and he looks a lot healthier than he was in the previous season. He should be playing like the MVP he was back in 2019 again.

12. Derek Carr – Saints

PSRRT: 97.8

Despite offensive skill injuries and line shakiness, Derek Carr’s proven to have had two great seasons, back-to-back. Now he’s been moved from the Raiders to the Saints, so the change of scenery might not be his preference. But he’s definitely going to give his A-game no matter what team he’s playing for.

11. Kyler Murray – Cardinals

PSRRT: 92.5

Murray’s worked on being more pass-efficient and less run-dependent. The results have been mixed, but he’s still proven to be one of the most dangerous all-around QBs in the NFL. He has a confident mind-set that helps motivate him. However, without DeAndre Hopkins as a target, his stats took a bit of a hit last season. Hopefully he’ll be able to make up for it this year.

10. Dak Prescott – Cowboys

PSRRT: 97.8

Dak Prescott was given one of the biggest raises in NFL history at one point. The Cowboys really seem to want to hold onto him, but his health seems to be somewhat waning. Injuries forced him to be temporarily replaced by Cooper Rush. And while he hasn’t displayed the same physical talents as Prescott, he seems to have a certain technical skill that may make him a good replacement.

9. Jared Goff – Lions

PSRRT: 92.8

Jared Goff was probably a bit surprised to find himself moved from the Super Bowl champion-bound Rams to the Lions. He replaced Stafford and hasn’t proven to be much different of a QB than McVay. However, the ceiling for play on the team wasn’t that high when it comes to QBs. And despite his supporting cast and targets, he hasn’t proven himself above average with his passes.

8. Trevor Lawrence – Jaguars

PSRRT: 95.2

It’s not really even Trevor Lawrence’s fault for the level of play the Jaguars displayed in his rookie season. The coaching staff was dysfunctional and had a lot of questionable offensive strategies. Doug Pederson and Press Taylor can hopefully get him back on track to turn him into an impressive physical weapon. More completions and a dedication to running game would help Lawrence out greatly.

7. Justin Herbert – Chargers

PSRRT: 96.2

Justin Herbert’s first two years as a quarterback catapulted him to the highest-ranking quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s accurate, aggressive when he needs to be, and has a perfect combination of size and athleticism. He has a good chance of winning his first MVP award.

6. Jalen Hurts – Eagles

PSRRT: 92.2

Hurts still has plenty of room to improve as a QB. And if he does, and hopefully soon, he’ll have enough goodwill to become the Eagles’ next franchise QB. Philadelphia needs to get back to opening up the passing game with their new wideout, A.J. Brown. Especially after leaning heavily on running plays last season. And Hurts’ big year last season was what helped lead them to the playoffs.

5. Aaron Rodgers – Jets

PSRRT: 91.1

Aaron Rodgers is 39 now and has been proving to be super-efficient after wining the NFL MVP award two years in a row. A recent development had Rodgers move from the Packers to the Jets. So only time will tell if his production with the new team will be as great as it was before.

4. Josh Allen – Bills

PSRRT: 96.6

Josh Allen might not have had the most efficient passing numbers last season, but that’s probably about to change. Just looking at him play shows he’s become the greatest all-around force in the NFL right now. He’s still putting some things together, but it’s looking like there’s a good chance for him to be the NFL’s next MVP.

3. Joe Burrow – Bengals

PSRRT: 100.4

People barely even remember that Joe Burrow had a torn ACL his first year. He’s demonstrated a strong downfield passing game. Additionally, he’s showed the top-flight arm, accuracy, and toughness that made him a top draft pick in the first place.

2. Tua Tagovailoa – Dolphins

PSRRT: 105.5

It’s impressive how skilled Tagovailoa has become in comparison to the other starters. He was previously falling behind his fellow draft mates, which made him seem like he wasn’t the Dolphins’ man anymore. But he’s been improving overall. However, Teddy Bridgewater proved himself as a potential successor, so Tagovailoa needs to keep things up to stay in the game.

1. Patrick Mahomes – Chiefs

PSRRT: 105.7

Patrick Mahomes’ production and performance has been superior to a vast majority of his contemporaries. He has to adjust to passing without Tyreek Hill as a target, as well as new coaches, but he’s still in the prime of his life. He can carry the Chiefs’ offense in a different way.