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The 30 Richest NFL Quarterbacks, Ranked In Order

30. Patrick Mahomes – $40,000,000

This champion from the 2020 Super Bowl can really only go up when it comes to his net worth. Upon being drafted in 2017, he signed a four-year contract worth $16,200,000. But after the 2019-2020 season, Kansas deemed it necessary to give him a 10-year extension worth well over $400,000,000. He could potentially make $503,000,000 should he make it to the end of his contract. But for now, his net worth will rest at $40,000,000.

Celebrity tidbits...

  • Ryan Cabrera has a tattoo of Ryan Gosling on his calf.
  • Dennis Rodman has 28 siblings.
  • Hugh Jackman used to be a gym teacher.
  • Reese Witherspoon studied at Stanford University for a year before droppingout to pursue acting.
  • A new species of horsefly discovered in Queensland, Australia was named after Beyonce. Its scientific name is "Scaptia beyonceae" because of the golden hairs on its abdomen.
  • Grimes legally changed her name from Claire to c in 2018. It is, in fact, supposed to be lower case.
  • Scarlett Johnasson has a twin brother named Hunter.
  • Tyra Banks has a phobia of dolphins.
  • Jennifer Lawrence has an H20 tattoo on her hand to remind her to drink more water.
  • Madonna got a job at a Dunkin' Donuts shortly after moving to New York, but was fired after one week for breaking the jelly machine.