This Group Of 20 Co-Workers Just Won A $421 Million Powerball Jackpot

You have a job at the North American Stamping Group in Portland, Tennessee. One of your co-workers goes out and buys the weekly Powerball ticket and you note the jackpot is at a tidy $420.9 million. You daydream over a morning doughnut about how nice that would be, and then you forget about it, and go about your daily routine.

And then you win.

What would that be like? Well, a group of employees from North American Stamping Group (now being called the "Tennessee 20") is about to find out! They won the Saturday night Powerball drawing and will divide up that huge amount of money.

The group of 20 co-workers live in 13 different towns and cities spread across central Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Amy O' Neal is the group's leader and purchased the tickets for the office pool at a store called the Smoke Shop in her hometown of Lafayette, Tennessee. (The owner of the Smoke Shop gets $25,000 just for selling it.) The tight-knit group "usually bought tickets for the Wednesday and Saturday drawings when the jackpot reached a certain amount," according to Good Morning America/Yahoo News.


O'Neal's son (he came up with the "Tennessee 20" tag) woke up her early Sunday to tell her the winning ticket was purchased in Lafayette. That news probably got her attention. She checked the numbers at least three times, and then started calling her co-workers at 5 o'clock in the morning, telling them to get over to her house. GMA/Yahoo adds that they thought she was pranking them, and one person took four hours to there because his car wouldn't start. (We're guessing he'll be getting a new car very soon!)

All of the lucky co-workers were present when the winning ticket was scanned on Monday, and employee. O'Neal (below) also says they are looking into donating to those affected and displaced by the Tennessee wildfires. Personally speaking, she added that the winnings would help her daughter, who is a teacher and often provides lunch for kids whose families can't afford to pay for school meals.


The Tennessee Lottery says each member of the group stands to collect about $12.7 million, which should make it a very merry holiday. And, get this. These new millionaires aren't even planning on quitting their jobs—at least not immediately.

"We love that company," O'Neal told GoodMorning America/Yahoo. "I'm not planning on quitting. . .[but] I might change my mind."

We have to admit, we're wishing we worked at North American Stamping Company right about now. Check out the video below for more on this cool story!