This Teen Took His Little Sister To Her Father-Daughter Dance, And The Internet Is In Love

For most little girls, father-daughter dances are a big deal. But what do you do when you don't have a father? If you're 6-year-old Noor, your brother steps in. Yep, teen Mohammad Hasher escorted his sister to her father-daughter dance, and the internet is in love.

Mohammad and Noor's parents recently divorced, and the change has been especially difficult for Noor. Mohammad heard about the dance on the day of the event, February 4. "I actually went downstairs and saw Noor sitting in a dress on the couch with a big frown on her face," he told BuzzFeed News. “I wasn't going to let my little sister be the one out of all her friends to not be at the dance.”

Okay, are your eyes tearing up like ours?

Mohammad then took Noor shopping for a new dress, and the two went to the dance. This tweet alone chokes us up.

Mohammad was even voted "best dad" at the event. Awwwww.

"The dance was a blast," Mohammad told Teen Vogue. "My family is my world, my baby sister especially. I was beyond happy to make it a night she will remember forever. It was so beautiful to see how happy she was and how much fun she had… I'm glad I've been given the opportunity to step up as a male figure in her life."

Okay, we're crying again?

Of course, Mohammad's act of kindness and brotherly love has earned him fans across the internet.

So what did Mohammad think of people's reactions?

"It's nice to spread some positivity in such times of negativity," he said. "Shout-out to everyone who's showing so much love and support!"

We definitely second that.