Teen Saves Life Of Disabled Veteran He’s Been Helping Out For 5 Years

"Everyday heroes" don't ask for praise when they are spending their time helping others. That's definitely the case for a young man who is being credited for saving his neighbor's life.

Rashaad Moore is a sophomore at Northrop High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. For the last five years, Moore has been helping his neighbor Ray, a veteran with a disability.

When Moore isn't doing school work or playing football, he's doing odd jobs for Ray to earn a little extra money. During a recent trip to Wal-Mart, which is part of the pair's routine, Moore realized something was not right.

"He started shaking," Moore told News Channel 15. "Then I was like, 'Ray are you okay?'"

Not knowing what was happening, Moore instantly called 911. He asked them to hurry because he was afraid of what was happening to Ray.

Little did Moore know that Ray was having a serious heart attack. He took Ray out the wheelchair and placed him on his side. Moore then positioned himself to perform CPR, which he says he learned from watching television.

"I already knew from my basic history what to do, but really what I knew was from 'SpongeBob,'" Moore said in his TV interview.

The CPR went on for a few minutes until paramedics came to Wal-Mart. In the moment, Moore wasn't sure if what he was doing was making a difference.

"I didn't feel like I was really a life saver," he said. "I felt like I just did the job of what I need to do as a teenager."

Paramedics on the scene said Ray might not have survived had it not been for Moore.

“I'm really glad about what I did, but he's still in pretty bad condition,” Moore said. “All we can do is just pray for him and really just send some prayers out to this man.”

See more of the inspiring video below:


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