Teen With Down Syndrome And His Date Surprised With Homecoming Dance They’ll Never Forget

Every high schooler wants the chance to go to the homecoming dance. It's one of those rites of passage that you just don't want to miss out on when you're finally old enough to attend.

So, when Daniel Rivas, a 17-year-old with Down Syndrome, was turned down by several girls in his class, he was thinking he may not get to attend the dance after all, Little Things reports.

But then, 10th grader Kylie Fronius invited Rivas to be her date for the dance. According to video footage shown on the Fox 5 Surprise Squad news show, she did so by creating a sign and making a grand gesture—a sweet proposal Rivas simply couldn't refuse!

“I don't think of kids that have a disability. . .I don't think of them as being different," Fronius told the news station. "I think of them as being normal people, just learning in a different way.”

What an enlightened and compassionate young woman. How much better would the world be if more kids—and adults, for that matter—shared Fronius' view?

When the day of the dance arrived, both Fronius and Rivas were in for some big surprises. You see, the Fox 5 Surprise Squad decided to get in on the action and help the couple make a grand entrance, and have a night they'd never forget.

The Surprise Squad showed up in the driveway while Fronius and Rivas were having the traditional pre-dance photos taken and surprised the teens with a shiny Rolls Royce to take them to homecoming. Before the dance, they were treated to a nice dinner at an upscale local restaurant.

The surprise brought Rivas' mom to tears, and before even arriving at the homecoming dance, Rivas himself was also crying tears of joy. In the car Fronius asked him, “What's wrong? Are you crying?” He responded, “Yes, I'm so happy.”

And, the surprises just kept on coming! The Surprise Squad gave both teens and their families trips to Disneyland. They also presented Rivas with a $10,000 scholarship and gave Fronius a brand new car, complete with a red bow on top. Wow—no doubt these two students will remember that homecoming for the rest of their lives!

What a heartwarming story. If you need a box of tissues right now, well, we can't blame you!

[h/t: Little Things]