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Teens Uses Bar Mitzvah Money To Buy 800 Pairs Of Sneakers—But Not For Himself

There is nothing like making bank at your bar mitzvah! Some lucky kids end up with thousands of dollars to their name, which can be quite a responsibility for a 13-year-old to manage.

With his bar mitzvah recently approaching, Drew Frank decided to forgo gifts for himself and instead asked that his guests donate money in order to purchase new shoes for low-income students in his hometown of El Paso, Texas.

Along with Braden Aboud Foundation, Drew helped to raise $25,000—enough to purchase 800 pairs of Nikes and more than 400 pairs of socks. The shoes went to students in a local school, as well as to a YWCA transitional living center and an orphanage.

Drew's gesture is incredibly meaningful. For low-income families, it's often a struggle just to provide the basics, and so a new pair of name-brand sneakers remains a distant dream for many kids.

Those in the community praised the young teen's selfless gesture.

Drew's charitable donation is in keeping with the Jewish faith, which teaches charity as a core value. Charity (tzedakah in Hebrew) is considered the greatest mitzvah or "good deed" that a person can perform. Hence, it is very fitting that Drew would make such a awe-inspiring gesture following his bar mitzvah.

We know Drew's family and rabbi must be very proud of him! And so are we. Mazel tov, Drew!

h/t: ABC7 News