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These Teddy Bears With Limb Loss Embrace Physical Differences

You can typically find a teddy bear for any occasion that comes up. Anniversary bear: check. Mother of Dragons bear: believe it or not, check that off, too.

But teddy bears can also be comforting during traumatic times. Sometimes they're even given to children by police when those children are going through a tough situation. And the newest bears from Vermont Teddy Bear provide comfort to those struggling with physical differences. Behold their new line of "limb loss" and "limb difference" bears:

“Occasionally, we would have a request for a bear with limb loss, but this is our first time officially introducing a bear with limb loss,” Cassandra Clayton, a product designer for Vermont Teddy Bear, told necn.

These first-of-its-kind bears are customizable to match the limb loss of each person who gets one. There are eight limb difference selections, ranging from full to partial limb loss. Customers can even pick out the outfit, with options including pajamas, baseball and soccer uniforms, dresses, nurse outfits and military uniforms.

“We pride ourselves on having a bear for every buddy. And we thought, how could we truly meet that promise and have a bear for every body?” Clayton told WPTZ.

The Amputee Coalition says there are nearly two million people living with limb loss in the United States, with nearly 185,000 amputations occurring each year. That's almost 500 a day.

The bears launched in April, which is National Limb Loss Awareness Month. As part of the "Bears that Care" program, these teddy bears are not only calling attention to a worthy cause, but they're also helping to raise money. Prices begin at $60. Twenty percent of sales will be donated to the Amputee Coalition.

You can buy the new Limb Loss and Limb Difference Bear here or any other Bears for a Cause by clicking here.