This Sweet Christmas Commercial Brings Smiles For A Good Cause

Have you ever heard of John Lewis? It's a upscale department store in the United Kingdom, sort of like a British version of Nordstrom. Each year, John Lewis releases a holiday commercial? usually one of the tear-jerking variety.

But not this year: As if sensing that the world desperately needs some levity, John Lewis released this hilarious Christmas advert that is making everyone smile. The video offers a perfect helping of wit, holiday cheer and of course, adorable critters.

In the video, a dad puts together a trampoline for his sleeping child the night before Christmas. After he's finished and gone to bed, local wildlife take to the trampoline to give it a test drive while the family dog watches in envy from inside the house. The next morning, the recipient of the trampoline, a little girl, awakes and rushes outside to see her gift—only to find the family dog's beaten her to punch and is jumping in all his glory. Can you blame hime?

Perhaps the best part: The commercial and its cuddly stars are helping to raise money for at-risk wildlife populations. As Good Housekeeping reports, John Lewis is donating 10 percent of sales from the stuffed animal versions of the commercial stars to The Wildlife Trusts, a U.K. nonprofit dedicated to the recovery of nature.

People across the country are enjoying this early dose of holiday cheer:

Look at some of these adorable gifts, and all for such a worthy cause! (They ship internationally too).

Here's Buster the Boxer:

And Sid the squirrel:

And, my personal favorite, Betsy, the badger!

Now, it wouldn't be a viral video if there weren't parodies and copycats, and Joe.Co.UK does not disappoint with their hilarious take on the John Lewis ad. This presidential parody is clever and irreverent, and a perfect video for anyone who is still licking their wounds after Hillary's loss.

Check it out here:

Not in the mood to laugh? Well, John Lewis still has you covered. Check some of their adverts from past Christmases. They are classics in the U.K. for a reason. Watch them for a good, slobbery, cathartic cry:

Here is 2013:

And 2014:

John Lewis isn't the only British company known for their tear-jerking holiday ads. Sainsbury's (another U.K.-based chain) also offers one of the best holiday commercials of the season! Here is their advert from last year:

Let's face it, nobody does Christmas ads like the Brits!