Students Team Up To Buy Shoes For A Friend In Need

Friends came together to make this Christmas one to remember for a fellow student who needed a new pair of shoes.

High school junior Salvador Solis told Inside Edition that his friend J.R. had confided in him that he needed some new shoes, as his were too small.

“He was telling me 'my shoes aren't fitting anymore.' My parents buy me almost anything I want so it bothered me when he told me that,” Solis told the publication.

That's when Solis decided to do something about it. He gathered two of his friends, and the three came together to spread the word about J. R. and his shoes. They started raising money, and pretty soon, they had enough to buy two pairs of size 13 sneakers. Apparently, J.R. had been wearing a size 10 all this time.

They were able to give him the shoes as an early Christmas gift, and thankfully, the moment was caught on camera.

The Fox News Facebook page picked up the video from the school's social media accounts, according to 12 News. The video has since gone viral, and it's no wonder because there's nothing quite like watching J.R. open these gifts. It reveals just how much the gesture truly meant to him.

Inside Edition notes that Solis was careful to pick out a style of shoe that his friend would love.

“I went back to class then next day and asked him what his favorite color and what kind of shoes he likes,” he said.

And it seems as though Solis really did a good job because J.R. couldn't be more ecstatic about each pair as he opens them up.

After the crowd screams “Open it!” J.R. begins tearing into the packages. He immediately exclaims, “What? Y'all got my favorite kind, too.”

Watch him unwrap these presents for yourself in the video and see Christmas magic unfold right before your eyes. Now this is what the season is all about. A belated merry Christmas, J.R.!

[h/t: Fox News]