Student Sends Teacher Hilarious Email While On Medication After Surgery

We seriously hope she got an A+ in this class.

We can all agree that the end of the semester is stressful for everybody.

But imagine trying to study for finals and write essays when you’re loaded up with painkillers. That was the predicament University of Nebraska–Lincoln student Abby Jo Hamele found herself in last month after getting her wisdom teeth removed.

After taking a strong dose of hydrocodone for the pain, Hamele, 19, decided to email the teaching assistant for her introductory undergraduate philosophy class.

The result is absolutely hilarious.

Hamele posted a copy of the email on Twitter and people are pretty much losing their minds at how funny it is. She says she has no memory of sending the amusing message, which makes sense when you read it.

In it, Hamele asked the TA Kevin Patton for an extension on a paper. Her spelling is pretty awful, but what makes the email sing is her casual nature.

“Thank you Kevin, my dude,” she wrote.

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Hamele ended the email with “love you bye.”

Other gems from her drug-inspired work include “I will most likely not be normal again until Thanksgiving turkey” and “I will buy you expo markers that work.”

Her original tweet has been retweeted nearly 35,000 times and liked more than 81,000 times. But Hamele didn’t stop there. Later, she posted an update to the saga.

“This was the response I got if anyone was wondering,” she wrote, with a post that included a screenshot of Patton’s equally funny response.

It turns out that Hamele had misunderstood the due date for the paper and in the end, she had an extra week to complete the assignment, Patton wrote.

“PS – I hope your spelling is better in your paper ;),” Patton quipped.

Patton told BuzzFeed News that he laughed hysterically when he saw Hamele’s note.

Can we assume she’s going to get an A+ in this class?