Stray Golden Retrievers From Turkey Getting Adopted In The U.S.

Golden retrievers are some of the most popular purebred dogs you can buy in America, but this is not necessarily the case elsewhere in the world. In Turkey, for example, there are hundreds of stray Goldens. But one organization in Istanbul is trying to change that.

It gets cold during the winters in Istanbul, Turkey's capital, and life can be extremely hard for stray dogs. Living on the streets, they have to beg for scraps and many don't survive. That's why Edna Surujon and Yasemin Baban started a rescue center in the city, where a lot of the available dogs are Golden retrievers.

According to an interview with CBS News, Surujon and Baban said many people buy Goldens as puppies, but kick them out once they realize how big and energetic (and expensive) they can be. Once they're strays, Goldens don't cope well on the streets. They're playful and friendly, and Surujon and Baban say more aggressive dogs often target them.

Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of this rescue team, more than 15 states in America have rescued these retrievers, dubbed "Turkey Dogs," over the last two years. Just last year, the organization sent around 600 dogs to America for adoption. Some of the pups were even disabled, including Violet, who's blind, and Captain, who's lost a leg.

A group of 18 new dogs recently made their way to the U.S. Valentine, who was rescued as a malnourished 1-year-old, 7-year-old Romeo who needs an operation on his hips, and 16 other lucky Golden Retrievers made the trek to Denver.

Sponsors of the organization, who had donated the $2,250 fee for each dog's airfare, met the pups at the airport, where there were many hugs (and a few tears). The pups were headed to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, where each and every one will eventually find a forever home.

This story is the best reminder to adopt, not shop. You can always find purebred animals in need. Welcome, Turkey Dogs!

You can watch the entire video about the dogs rescue below: