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Unique Photos That Show How Unpredictable Genetics Can Be

The human race is a strange a varied group. Yet, even within that group there is still things that we consider “normal”. Well, there are plenty of people that take the idea or normalcy and break that boundary. Here are people with such interesting bodies and faces that you might not even believe they’re real.

Abigail And Brittany Hensel – Conjoined Twin

Abigail and Brittany Hensel are a rare pair of conjoined twins. They share a body and some internal organs, although they both have their own heart, brain, and other key body parts. They’re actually pretty famous, having had a documentary and mini-series made that focused on them. Since then, they’ve managed to get their own teaching job.

Mohammed Kaleem – Big And Heavy Hands

When Kaleem was born, his hands were already twice the size of a normal baby. And his hands only continued to grow. By the time he was nine, his hands already weighed more than his head. Fortunately, in 2014 a doctor was able to help reduce the size of his hands to make his life easier.

Sultan Kösen – Tallest Man On Earth

At eight feet, three inches, Sultan Kösen holds the record for tallest man alive. Unfortunately, the Turkish citizen’s height is rather debilitating. His long bones make it rather difficult for him to walk.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi – Shortest Man On Earth

Speaking of the world’s tallest man, we have to talk about the shortest. Chandra Bahadur Dangi was a Nepalese man that measure at only one foot, ten inches tall. Unfortunately, he died age 75 in 2015.

Jyoti Amge – Shortest Woman On Earth

Dangi actually has a counterpart in terms of height. While men are taller on average though, Jyoti Amge, the shortest woman alive, was actually taller than him. She had a rare growth disorder called achondroplasia which caused her to stop growing at two feet, one inch. She also appeared in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Paul Karason – The Blue Man

Paul Karason ingested colloidal silver to treat a skin condition, but the silver in his medication reacted with sunlight and turned his skin blue. This is called argyria. He gained unexpected fame and notoriety, appearing on several talk and news shows. This actually prompted the FDA to ban silver in over the counter drugs. Karason passed away in 2013 from a heart attack, although it wasn’t related to his argyria.

Yu Zhenhuan – The Hairiest Man In China

Roughly 96% of Yu Zhenhuan’s body is covered in hair. Some refer to him as the “human yeti”. While the hair may be a bit of a nuisance, Zhenhuan seems to be pretty comfortable with his situation.

Jocelyn Wildenstein – Plastic Surgery Taken Too Far

Jocelyn Wildenstein is probably the picture you’ve seen when people make warnings about getting too much plastic surgery. According to the story, she tried to get her face to look more cat-like, which her husband at the time claimed to like. Although, the pair divorced in 1999 after she caught him with another woman.

Rolf Buchholz – The Most Piercings On Someone’s Face

The tattoos and horns are interesting enough, but the number of piercings on Rolf Buchholz are just insane. It’s almost like he’s addicted to them. He actually does have more piercings than anyone on the planet as well.

Zydrūnas Savickas – World’s Strongest Man

Zydrūnas Savickas holds the record as the world’s strongest man. You may not be able to tell just from looking at him, but the Lithuanian power lifter has the record for heaviest deadlift at 1,155 pounds. That’s over half a ton. And he’s still working to improve his strength so that he can break his record!

Asha Mandela – World’s Longest Dreads

Asha Mandela has the longest dreads in the world. She even refers to herself as the black Repunzel. Dreads braid hair into more tightly woven strands as well, imagine how much hair she actually has given how long her dreads are in the first place.

Julia Gnuse – Most Tattooed Woman

Julia Gnuse had 96% of her body covered in ink. Initially, she only got tattoos to cover up a skin condition, but it soon became a passion of hers. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2016.

Lucky Damond Rich – Most Tattooed Man

Unlike with Gnuse, Lucky Diamond Rick made sure to get ink on every inch of his body. Even the insides of his eyelids and mouth have been inked. And in his case, the only reason he seemed to have done so is just because he can.

Mikel Ruffinelli – World’s Widest Hips

“I want the world’s biggest hips, even if it kills me”. That’s a direct quote from the woman who currently has the world’s widest hips, Mikel Ruffinelli. They measure in at eight feet all the way around.

Mandy Sellars – World’s Largest Legs

Mandy Sellars’ legs grew abnormally large due to a rare genetic mutation. Things got worse in 2010 when one leg needed to be amputated just above the knee because of a serious blood infection. But even the stump continued to grow. Now it weighs 40 pounds by itself. Although, Mandy took all of this stride. After appearing in a ton of television shows, she used her media influence to raise awareness for others with her condition.

Patrick Deuel – World’s Heaviest Man

At 1,126 pounds, Patrick Deuel was known as the “Half-Ton Man”. Although, it was a nickname that he wasn’t too fond of, himself. After a hospital visit that required a special ambulance and his bedroom wall being removed so he could leave his hime, he decided he needed a major change. He had a gastric bypass surgery and ended up losing 700 pounds. In 2016, he died at the age of 54, but his story inspired others.

Taylor Muhl – Human Chimera

Taylor Muhl was born with a strange birthmark on her stomach. As it turns out, it wasn’t a birthmark. She has a condition called chimerism, where, early on in development, one half of a set of fraternal twins passes and the remaining cells are absorbed into the the surviving one. Thus, the embryo has two sets of DNA. Most people with chimerism go completely undiagnosed, but some, like Muhl, have unusual features. Muhl’s currently a model.

Valeria Lukyanova – The Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova became an internet sensation when she started posting images of herself on social media. The Ukrainian model described herself as a “Human Barbie”. She claims to be 100% natural, aside from breast implants.

Nick Stoeberl – World’s Longest Tong

Nick Stoberl actually is in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest tongue, and he puts it to good use. He actually paints with it and used that skill to audition for America’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, Simon Cowell called it “stupid” and a “complete waste of time”. Fortunately, Stoeberl has a career as a model to fall back on.

Liam Hoekstra – World’s Strongest Kid

Liam Hoekstra was doing chin-ups without a problem at age three. It turns out he had a rare genetic myostatin-related condition called hypertrophy. This allows the body to build muscle fast while inhibiting body fat. While he could be a real Superman in the future, for now he just does some wrestling.

Brooke Greenberg – The Girl Who Never Aged

Brooke Greenberg was born in 1993, but she never aged physically or cognitively past the age of a year. She was still the size of a sixth-month-old at eight years old. Her family to her to countless specialists and doctors, but none could figure out what was happening to Brooke. They ended up calling her condition Syndrome X. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2013 at age 20.

Whitney Weldon – A Human Statue

Whitney Weldon is one of around 800 people in the world with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). It’s an incredibly rare genetic disease where the muscles, tendons, and ligaments become ossified if the patient suffers even the most minor of injuries. This means that someone will become completely frozen in place. Her first flare up was at age nine, where her arm froze at a 120-degree angle. It was described as being excruciatingly painful, and every time she has a flare up, Weldon just had to accept there was a part of her body she could no longer use.

Christine Walton – World’s Longest Fingernails

Christine Walton of Las Vegas has the longest fingernails in the world. Her nails are a ridiculous 19 feet and nine inches. She stopped trimming them in 1990, leading to the length they’re at now. She’s also a singer with the stage name “The Dutchess”.

Sajad Gharibi – The Most Muscular Bodybuilder

Sajad Gharibi looks like an action figure or some kind of superhero with how big he is. He’s an Iranian bodybuilder, weighing 390 pounds of pure muscle. Some people even refer to him as the “Persian Hulk”. Every morning after hitting the gym, he eats a full English breakfast, while also making sure to get plenty of fruits and vegetables. This gives him the energy he needs to go all out.

María José Cristerna – The Jaguar Woman

María José Cristerna got her first tattoo at the age 14 and the rest was history. She’s had over 95% of her body inked and even earned the title of “Most Tattooed Woman in the World” from Guinness World Records. She’s also had her body modified to possess a split tongue, subdermal implants, piercings, ear expansions, scarifications, and dental implants. It shouldn’t be surprising that she owns her own tattoo studio, and a clothing line called Mujeres Vampiro (“Vampire Woman”). Oh yeah, and she’s also a criminal justice attorney.

Nick Vujicic – The Limbless Man

Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker that was born with tetra-amelia syndrome. This means that he born with no arms and no legs. All he had in regard to limbs was a pseudo-leg he referred to as his “chicken drumstick”. However, his unwillingness to let that put him down is what led to his current profession. His chicken drumstick even seems to actually have a faster reaction time in comparison to most people’s hands. Now he’s a husband and father of four.

Tom Staniford – The Skinniest Cyclist In The World

Tom Staniford is a well-known para-cyclist, although it’s not just for his skill. He was born with a rare illness, MDP syndrome. He’s only one of eight people in the world to develop it. This prevents his body from storing fat beneath the skin, owing to his emaciated appearance. His muscle tone is also 40% less than the average man. This ended up making him the skinniest cyclist in the world. Although, he’s still quite skilled at it.

Amoo Hadji – The Dirtiest Man Alive

When they say “dirtiest man alive” they mean it. Amoo Hadji hasn’t take a shower in 65 years! This 85-year-old lives in the village of Dezhgah in Iran. He lives a fairly low-tech life, cooking things such as porcupine carcasses. His only notable possession is a three-inch steel pipe he uses to smoke tobacco. His skin is brown and scaly from all the dirt covering him. And he just has to smell awful.

Joey DeGrandis – Photographic Memory

Joey DeGrandis is one of only 100 people in the world with highly superior bioautographical memory (HSAM). This means that he’s able to recall any information that’s occurred to him during his life with 100% accuracy. He thought it was just a near parlor trick, until he saw a broadcast about it on the news. He currently participates in experiments to study his intelligence, but it’s also somewhat of a curse. People with HSAM often complain of depression and anxiety, often linked to it.

Zlata – The World’s Most Flexible Woman

Julia Gunthel, better known by her stage name Zlata, is known as the world’s most flexible woman. At least according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The secret to her success, outside of generally training, is that her ligaments never hardened as she aged. According to doctors, she has the ligaments of a baby.

Francisco Domingo Joaquin – World’s Widest Mouth

According to the Guinness Book of World Record, Mr. Joaquin is capable of stretching their mouth up to seven inches. that may sound small, so here’s something to put it into perspective. That means that they can fit an entire Coke can in their mouth.

Michele Kobke – World’s Thinnest Waist

People at home, please don’t try to repeat this. Michele Kobke has the world’s thinnest waist. However, this is not a genetic trait, but the result of consistent and constant usage of a corset. Her waistline is a minuscule 16 inches.

Velu Rathakrishna – Human Tow Truck

There have been a couple people on this list deemed inhumanly strong because of their muscles. Well, that’s not why Velu Rathakrishna is considered the “Human Tow Truck”. For him, it’s all in the jaws. In 2003 he pulled two KTM commuter trains that weighed 574,964 pounds. He still holds the record for heaviest object pulled with their teeth and it’s hard to believe someone will ever surpass.

Thai Ngoc – The Man Who Never Sleeps

The recommended amount for every healthy adult to sleep is around eight hours. Well, Thai Ngoc’s body apparently didn’t get that message. He’s an extreme insomniac that can’t seem to get even a wink in. Ordinarily, the sleeping cycle is so important people will start hallucinating after a few days, and possibly die after a few more. Well, Thai Ngoc has reportedly gone 46 years without any sleep. Yet, he doesn’t appear to be suffering any ill effects. He even get more manual labor done than a man who does sleep can get through in a day.

Dean Karnazes – The Man Who Feels No Fatigue

Ordinarily, exercise causes a buildup of lactic acids. This is what causes fatigue, muscle ache, and tiredness. It’s an overall natural process. However, Dean Karnazes’ body is capable of flushing these lactic acids from his body at an incredibly quick rate. What does this mean? Well, he never gets tired. He’s capable of running hundreds of miles without stopping or sleeping. Once he ran 350 miles over 80 hours. Apparently he first discovered this ability when he needed to hike back home to Santa Cruz from San Francisco.

Kim Goodman – The Woman Whose Eyes Can Pop Out Of Their Sockets

When you get hit in the head, they often say your eyes “popped out of their sockets”. Well, after Kim Goodman got hit in the head by a hockey stick, that almost became literal. She actually realized that, every time she yawned, her eyes would pop out like this. After a little bit of practice, Goodman actually learned how to do it on command. It looks a little dangerous or painful, but she doesn’t seem to have any trouble doing it.

Muhibija Buljubasic – The Magnetic Man

Muhibia Buljubasic has an incredibly interesting ability. He must give off some kind of magnetic field, because things just seem to stick to him. People think it’s due to his personal, magnetic field, but its not just metal objects that stick to him. Buljubasic can even attach plastic dishes and phones to his person. He’s stated that he’s learned how to do this with no training whatsoever, it just happens.

Wang Fang – Backwards Facing Feet

Wang Fang is a Chinese woman. And she was born with a strange, physical difference. She was born with backwards-facing feet. However, despite this likely making her life more difficult, Fang refuses to register as disabled. She even works as a waitress at a busy restaurant in Chongqing City.

Carlos Rodriquez – Missing Half His Skull

Carlos Rodriguez doesn’t seem to have the best decision-making skills. He lost a large portion of his skull after crashing into a tree. As it turns out, he was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Later, he was arrested for soliciting prostitution. His mugshot eventually went viral. The shape of his head is how he ended up with the nickname “Halfy”.

Lal Bihari – The Living Man That Was Declared Dead

Unlike a lot of the other people on this list, Lal Bihari doesn’t have anything else strange in relation to his appearance. The strange part about him was that he was legally declared dead. The stranger part, he’s not dead. His uncle had apparently conspired to have him declared dead as a part of some strange conspiracy. Bihari hadn’t found out until he tried to file for a loan. It took him 19 years to prove to the world that he had been alive this whole time.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri – The Man That Lived In An Airport

Have you ever heard of the movie Lost in Transit? Or perhaps The Terminal. Well, those movies are based off of this man’s life. Mehran Karimi Nasseri was an Iranian refugee. However, due to his briefcase and papers being stolen while in transit, Nasseri found himself suddenly stuck in France, in the Charles de Gaulle Airport. He ended up living in Terminal 1, for departures, from 1988 to 2006 until he was hospitalized. Nasseri’s story was quite interesting and sensational while it was being followed. However, he died in November 2022.

Michel Lotito – The Man That Can Eat Anything

Michel Lotito is a Hungarian man known to have set many records in the past. It seems to be because of his incredible stomach acid and strong jaws. He can seemingly eat almost anything, including metal and rubber. And there seems to be no ill-effects. He’s eaten cars, cycles, and even an entire aircraft. And he’s somehow never gotten ill. Apparently his intestine line is can resist any kind of poisoning from any kind of food. Although, most of what he eats could barely be considered food.

Supatra “Nat” Sasuphan – World’s Hairiest Girl

We’ve seen the hairiest man in the world, but what about the hairiest girl? Supatra Sasuphan is from Thailand and has a rare condition that makes you grow hair in places you just ordinarily wouldn’t. This may have made things a little difficult for Nat, at least at first, but she hasn’t let it get her down. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t even consider herself different from anyone else. Although she’s since shaved a majority of her extra hair since getting married, that doesn’t mean it won’t grow back.

Sanju Bhagat – Man Whose Twin Lives Inside Him

Sanju Bhagat lived much of his life with a bulging stomach. he looked like a pregnant man, but that wasn’t exactly what the issue was. When he was 36, he began to find it difficult to breath because of his growing stomach. And he was brought into a hospital for an emergency surgery. Doctors thought that he just had a tumor, but it turns out that it was a developed fetus. Its a rare medical condition where a fetus will develop inside of another fetus. This happens when one twin gets trapped inside of another while still inside the womb. As it turns out, Bhagat had been carrying his twin brother for a full 36 years.

Garry Turner – The Man With The Most Elastic Skin

A man with an elastic mouth is one thing, but what about someone with completely elastic skin. Garry Turner has been nicknamed “Stretch” because of his status as the man with the most elastic skin in the world. He can stretch it into the shape of a table, hold three pints of beer, and even cover his entire mouth with it.

Lu Hao – The World’s Fattest Child

Childhood obesity isn’t a joke, but it’s not just a problem in the United States. Lu Hao is a Chinese boy, and when he was four years old he had broken the record for the most obese child in the world. He was already 133 pounds! It was hard for him to even move around, so he had to be given a scooter.

Valery Smagliy – World’s Longest Lashes

Valery Smagliy is a Ukrainian man and his eyelashes are probably the talk of the town. His eyelashes measure around three inches, much longer than the average person. People think that they could be the longest lashes in the world. Smagliy attributes the length of his lashes to a special diet. Whatever diet that may be, it’s likely that there are a ton of people that want to know his secret.

Julie Matthias – Foreign Accent Syndrome

Julie Matthias suffered a severe migraine in 2011. And ever since then, her UK accent has changed. As a matter of fact, she sounds like she’s from another country. This is foreign accent syndrome. It’s incredibly rare and has only affected a handful of people in the last 50 years. Scientists assume the change is a result of minor brain damage. Well, Matthias didn’t like the sudden change. She even said that it made her feel as though she was cut off from the rest of society.

Zion Clark – The Athlete With No Legs

Zion Clark may be one of the most impressive athletes out there. After all, he started with one of the biggest handicaps you could get: having no legs. He was actually abandoned by his biological parents after they realized he was missing his lower half and forced to live in multiple orphanages. But, one day, a coach at Clark’s school recommended he try out wrestling, and he’s been doing it ever since. Not only is he an athlete, but a motivational speaker as well!