Spunky Toddler Adds Some Flair To Her Tap Dance Performance

Many of us have endured the endless hours of a dance recital waiting for the one dance in which our special student is performing.

Song after song, dancers come out onto the stage and perform their synchronized movements. Then, out walks the toddler class. Suddenly, you perk up knowing that even if you don't know any of the students involved, you are guaranteed to be entertained.

Well this preschool tap class no doubt broke up the monotony of a dance recital with their unforgettable performance to “Broadway Baby” from “Follies.” While fellow students try to focus on the pre-determined choreography, one enthusiastic future star delivers a performance full of embellishments.

Parents laugh out loud as the girl takes control of the stage, singing along with the music and ad libbing a diverse assortment of arm, leg and hand movements that couldn't help but draw your attention. Then, finally, she blows some kisses before throwing out a few last moves.

The hilarious thing is this performance is probably the one everyone went home talking about about. The dancers who tapped right on cue were overshadowed by this flair-filled star who has already received over 12 million views on YouTube.

Perhaps the teachers should consider asking her to help liven things up for next year as well!