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Spot The Difference: How Many Can You Find?

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? We’ve created some picture puzzles that will test how observant you are as you try to spot the differences between two images that look nearly identical.

For each puzzle, there are five differences between the pair of pictures. See how many you can find and then go to the next slide to see them all revealed.

How many can you find?

1. A Snowy Scene

A couple kids are making snowmen in this wintery scene. If you look closely, you’ll notice that not everything is quite the same between them. How many differences can you see?

1. A Snowy Scene (Solution)

1. The left kid’s hat is missing its top. 2. The left snowman has a new set of black buttons. 3. The middle snowman lost its bottom buttons. 4. The right snowman has an extra button at the bottom. 5. The house in the background had its roof cleaned off.

2. A Cozy Workspace

The home workspace is something many of us have gotten used to in 2020. This puzzle shows a pair of well-decorated offices that are just slightly different from one another. Again, there are five differences for you to find.

2. A Cozy Workspace (Solution)

1. The chair had its connecting supports removed. 2. The lowest shelf has a new plant on it. 3. The picture on the desk was flipped upside down. 4. A new shelf was added to the wall on the right. 5. The cactus that was below the painting is now gone.

3. A Friendly Bar

This animated bar scene is full of fun. The puzzle is also full of differences for the keen eye to spot. Be sure to look everywhere for the changes.

3. A Friendly Bar (Solution)

1. Four bottles were removed from the top shelf. 2. The bar stools had their footrests removed. 3. The painting was changed. 4. The man in green got a beer. 5. The bottle on top of the right shelf was taken away.

4. Kitchen Boss

Wouldn’t we all like to have this kind of confidence when we step into the kitchen? This fierce woman is either doing some cooking or cleaning (it’s tough to tell with those gloves) and she’s got plenty of attitude either way. Can you spot all the changes between these two photos of her?

4. Kitchen Boss (Solution)

1. The items on the left part of the shelf were swapped from top to bottom. 2. Her text tattoo was removed. 3. Her apron was lengthened. 4. Her lipstick color was changed. 5. Her bow lost its polka dots.

5. A City Street

This looks like a nice place to take a stroll. We’ve got walkers and riders enjoying a pleasant day in this puzzle. There are some tough-to-spot differences between the two shots.

5. A City Street (Solution)

1. Some clouds were added to the sky. 2. The top of the chimney was trimmed. 3. The bicycle was removed. 4. The lines on the street were taken off. 5. The circle in the middle of the roundabout was removed.

6. The Dollhouse

This little girl is hard at work making her dollhouse look perfect. We put some effort into creating some sneaky differences between the two shots. Can you find all five?

6. The Dollhouse (Solution)

1. The paint on her cheek was erased. 2. Some paint was added to her foot. 3. The runny blue paint on the left can was cleaned up. 4. More notches were added to the front of the house. 5. The bottom panes on the lower side window were removed.

7. A Warm Living Room

Here we have a living room that looks quite comfy with nice couch, a great view and a cute dog. What’s not to love? There are technically seven differences to find in this puzzle.

7. A Warm Living Room (Solution)

1./2. The two paintings were swapped. 3. The left curtain lost its hooks. 4./5. The curtain tiebacks changed colors. 6. The flower pot changed color. 7. The drawer on the coffee table was removed.

8. Shooting Pool

Remember the good old days when we could go to places like pool halls and have fun together? These three people are enjoying a game of eight ball. Can you spot the five differences and win our friendly game?

8. Shooting Pool (Solution)

1. The back pocket on the left woman’s pants was removed. 2. The object ball was changed to the eight ball. 3. A pool cue was added to the right woman’s hand. 4. The strap on the right woman’s shoulder was erased. 5. The eight ball was removed.

9. A Math Lesson

This picture doesn’t bring back fond memories for many of us. Although, if all math teachers had as much fun as this guy, maybe we’d love the subject a lot more. Find all the differences and you’ll get an A+.

9. A Math Lesson (Solution)

1. The teacher got a tie. 2. His belt lost its buckle and notches. 3. His apple was removed. 4. An equation was added to the board, under his arm. 5. One of the equations on the right side of the board was erased.

10. Dropping In

These three women are having a good day at the skate park. While helmets would be advised, they look like they know what they’re doing. Finding all five differences might be tricky.

10. Dropping In (Solution)

1. The left woman got some bold blue lipstick. 2. The left woman’s sock lost its stripes. 3. The middle woman’s ankle tattoo was changed to a heart. 4. The right woman lost her hat. 5. A palm tree was added.

11. A Spotless Kitchen

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have this much open space in my kitchen. We’ve done a few things to the room to make its decor a little different in the second image. See if you can find all five changes.

11. A Spotless Kitchen (Solution)

1. The bowl on the top shelf was removed. 2. The fixture from the bottom left drawer was removed. 3. The rug was extended. 4. The box in the far right cabinet was removed. 5. A planter was added to the right side of the counter.

12. The Birthday Party

Our invitation to this birthday bash must’ve gotten lost in the mail. We’ve got a group of kids and a mountain of sweets. What could go wrong? Try to find all five differences and maybe they’ll give you a slice of cake.

12. The Birthday Party (Solution)

1. Some stars were added near the center of the wall. 2. The dots on the green balloon were removed. 3. The stars on the right side of the wall were erased. 4. The girl’s hand was removed from the center boy’s shoulder. 5. The gold spots on the white cup were removed.

13. A Nice Ride

Kudos to these two bikers for wearing helmets! This couple seems to be out on a nice ride at sunset. Can you spot all five differences between the two pictures of them?

13. A Nice Ride (Solution)

1. The reflector was removed from the front wheel. 2. The mirror was taken off. 3. A Victory Motorcycles logo was added to the bike. 4. The woman’s arm tattoo was changed. 5. The designs on her belt were removed.

14. Toys On Display

We’ve got a space full of colorful toys on display in this puzzle. There are dozens of playthings in the pictures and five differences between the two images. Can you find them all?

14. Toys On Display (Solution)

1. The pads on the teddy bear’s foot were erased. 2. The yellow block in the center had its display changed. 3. A doll was added in the front. 4. The blue block on the right had its display changed. 5. The triangle block was repainted orange.

15. Poker Night

Some people are gathered for a serious game of cards in this puzzle. The stakes are high for you to try and find all five differences between the two shots. Care to go all-in?

15. Poker Night (Solution)

1. A poker chip was removed from the pot. 2. The ace of diamonds was flipped over. 3. The bottom man’s watch was removed. 4. The player on the right was given a queen of clubs. 5. The player on the right lost two stacks of chips.