Son Who Inspired Mom And Dad To Finish College Posts Viral #ParentSelfie

In most instances, sons and daughters are inspired by their parents to achieve their goals. This time, however, the parents were inspired by their son. And their son couldn't have been prouder of them.

In a Twitter post that has now gone viral, Charles L. Cole congratulated his parents on their graduation from Sacramento Theological Seminary on Dec. 3.


But that's not the whole story. His parents' road to success had many obstacles standing in the way.

Cole's mom and dad, Renaté and Charles L. Cole, Jr., have been married for 38 years. During their marriage, they were both addicted to crack while trying to raise three children. Now, both have been sober for almost two decades and were inspired by their eldest son to finish college.

"Our son is a go-getter," the elder Charles Cole told ABC News. "By seeing his energy [and] his drive to just do it that kind of pushes us."

He and his wife thought, "Well, if he can do it, we can do it too."

Because of their former drug addiction, their education was put on hold. But after a few years of studying, they both graduated with bachelor of arts degrees in biblical studies.

Both believe their story unfolded the way that it did for a reason.

"It was our purpose in life to be educated in this way," Renaté said. "To just see the fruit [of your labor] that if you continue to work hard, if you continue to believe, if you continue to hold on, God will help you do whatever it is you're called to do."

They want to go even further with their education. At the moment, they're both on the ministerial staff at The Light Christian Church in Sacramento. In the future, they want to help homeless veterans and start their own church—after they earn they earn their doctorate degrees.

Like the younger Cole wrote in his Twitter post, we #salute those who never give up on their dreams.