So Cute We Can’t Even: Tiny Hamster In Cast Wins The Internet

Have you ever suffered from internet-induced sadness? From negative news stories to mean commenters, going online can sometimes leave you feeling down.

But, thankfully, we have real MVPs like this hamster in a cast to bring us back to life!

No news on exactly why or how this hamster is wearing a cast. Did he slip on his hamster wheel? Get into a fight with a fellow hamster over the upcoming election? Who knows!? But one thing is for certain: He is bringing smiles to millions of faces—and making hearts expand across the world.

What exactly is so stinking cute about animals in casts? Who knows, but adorable cast pictures are becoming quite the viral trend. Awww. Here's hoping someone brings this squirrel acorns in bed for a while.

Baby Animal Zoo

And don't even get us started on the combo of a cast with a cloth diaper. We don't have a pouch, but if we did, you better believe we'd be carrying this kangaroo in it!


Okay, this little guy looks like he has SEEN some stuff. "I Will Survive" should be his theme song!


Clearly, it is a hard-knock life out there. How the heck did this even happen? Is this real? But, then again, who cares? It's adorable!

Okay, this little guy is elevating "cute animal in cast" to an art form. It's a masterpiece. It's. . .the biggest aww that ever awwww'ed. Get well soon, Alex!