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Simple Life Hacks Using Everyday Objects

There are items that you see in your everyday life, like toilets and wires. They’re simple to use and you don’t think much of them besides the conveniences they bring. However, did you know that you could be saving yourself even more time? Here’s a list of life hacks with everyday objects that seem so simple on paper.

Put A Rubber Band Over Paint Cans

This one will make painting a lot easier around the house, especially so you don’t drip any extra paint on the floor. Vertically wrap a rubber band around your paint can and every time you want to get some excess paint off of it, just rub it against the band. It’ll keep the side of the can, brush, and anywhere else that you’re not painting, clean.

Use Shower Hooks For Extra Hanger Space

This is a pretty good one if you’re short on hanger space. You can hang several shower hooks on a normal clothes hanger or clothes rack. Then the hooks can hold more clothes of any type for you.

Use Soda Tabs On Hangers For Even More Space

If you’d prefer to leave your shower hooks in the bathroom, then soda tabs can work pretty well too. Pop off the tab of soda can and slip it over the hook of a hanger. Then you can just slip another hook through the tab, doubling your the amount of space you have in the closet.

Dryer Sheets Are Great Dusters

Dryer sheets fight static cling, but are also great dust repellents. That makes them perfect dusters. They work the best on baseboards and hardwood flooring.

Untangle Jewelry With A Straw

If you own jewelry like necklaces or bracelets, you know the struggles of trying to untangle it. If you funnel your jewelry through a straw it should keep it from getting tangled in the first place when you go to store it.

Use A Staple Remover On Your Keychain

Removing or adding keys from a keyring or keychain is incredibly difficult and annoying. But, there is a device in your house that can help save you some pain. Staple removers’ teeth are actually perfect for sliding open a keyring.

Use Bread Clips As Wire Labels

The more devices you own, the more confusing your home entertainment may be. It’ll be hard to tell what cords belong to what device. Fortunately, you make small labels using bread clips. They fit on the edge of the cord perfectly and you get to know exactly what you’re unplugging before you do it.

Use A Cheese Shaker To Spread Fertilizer

If you need a way to correctly spread granular fertilizer, if you eat parmesan cheese you may have something in your house already. Use an empty shaker to spread the fertilizer. It also works for spreading other granular materials in your garden.

Put Coffee Filters In Flower Pots

Here’s another gardening tip. Depending on the type of pot you’re using, coffee filters would work perfectly to be put at the bottom of the pot. They prevent loose soil from falling out of the bottom.

Spray Pam On Squeaky Hinges

Pam is the possibly the most commonly-used non-stick substance, at least when it comes to cooking. But it’s got another use as well. Dealing with squeaky hinges? Spray some pam on it. That should loosen it up just right.

Put Your Shoes In Shower Caps While Traveling

If you’re traveling you always want to pack an extra pair of shoes. But there’s always going to be some worry about dirt getting all over your luggage. You could put them in a plastic bag, but shower caps work just as nicely. They’re also tighter, so it’d be less likely for them or any dirt to fall out.

Use Tissue Boxes For Plastic Bags

Don’t just throw out old tissue boxes. There’s still plenty more use to get out of them. And don’t throw out plastic bags you get from the grocery store either. Fill the tissue box with the plastic bags and you’ll have a nice bag dispenser. They’ll be pretty useful for getting rid of household clutter.

Keep Your Charging Cords Organized With Binder Clips

How often do your cords just fall on the floor when you’re not using them? Their presence there might make it easier to step on them and break them as well. Putting binder clips on the edge of your desk and feeding the cords through them will completely alleviate this problem.

Use Silverware Organizers To Organize Toothbrushes

Keeping track of everyone’s toothbrushes can be a little difficult in a family household. It’s especially bad if everyone uses the same style of toothpaste. If you have a silverware tray, you can put one in a bathroom drawer to far more easily organize your oral care devices.

Post-Its Can Clean Your Keyboard

If you don’t have an air duster handy to clean your keyboard, you could always use a post-it note. The sticky end gathers up all the dirt no problem. And because of how thin it is, you won’t have any trouble fitting into the more difficult-to-reach crevices.

Corks Can Be Pincushions

If you drink win or any other drink that uses one, you definitely have a cork lying around. They actually make for excellent pincushions, if you don’t have one around.

Remove Rust With Hydrogen Peroxide

When things get rusty, they get a lot more brittle as well. But there are ways to get rid of that rust. And one of them is hydrogen peroxide. Pour some into a small container and let the rusted metal soak for a few minutes. Then take some steel wool or brush and start scrubbing. You can also make a good cleaning solution by mixing in borax with the hydrogen peroxide.

DIY Carpet Cleaner

Speaking of cleaning solutions, you can get together a couple of ingredients to make your own carpet cleaner. Of course you’ll need hydrogen peroxide, but also lemon essential oil and water. Mix two parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide and add in five drops of the lemon oil. Then spray it on the stained carpet, let it sit for a few minutes, and use a brush to scrub out the stains. The solution also works on upholstery.

Keep Your Boots Firm With Pool Noodles

Do your knee-high boots flop all over the place? Even ignoring how that could be a nuisance, they loose their stiffness being left like this. That’s why you could use a boot shaper. And nothing’s a better boot shaper than a pool noodle. Just put it inside the boot and you’ll have it straightened up whenever you’re not wearing them.

Pool Noodles Can Be Door Stoppers

Pool noodles aren’t just good for stiffening boots, they can make for good doorstoppers as well. Cut a pool noodle and wrap it around the door. No more hurt fingers or slammed doors.

Coca Cola Can Clean Toilets

Nobody likes cleaning toilets, but Coca-Cola can help you speed up the process. Pour a can into the bowl and let it stand for an hour. The carbonation will lift the stains so a simple scrub will be all you need to remove the stains.

Coke Can Be An Effective Pesticide

Coco-Cola’s also got some good uses when it comes to acting as a pesticide. Although it depends on the environment. The sugar in the Coke actually attracts ants, which , in turn, eat pest larva while leaving the plants alone.

Stop Pickpockets With A Crayon

As long as the crayon doesn’t melt, this one will be more beneficial than a problem. Keep one in the billfold of your wallet and it will catch in your pocket. That way, any wannabe pickpocket won’t be able to stealthily remove your wallet.