Signs Of Higher Intelligence In People

People like to feel smart, to say they’re smart. Test scores, memorization skills, or how fast you can just absorb information all help to show someone’s intellect. However, there are a few more subtle traits that can help show how smart someone is. It may not always be true, but here are a few signs that can show higher intelligence in an individual.


People with higher intelligence are normally more empathetic. That is to say, that they’re more easily capable of understanding the emotions of the people around them.

Preferring Solitude

Some people with higher intelligence also prefer to stay solitary. That isn’t to say that they can’t interact with others, just that they may prefer to stay on their own.

A Strong Sense Of Self

More intelligent people seem to know more about themselves in addition to other information. They know who they are and what they want.

Learning New Information

People with higher intelligence, more obviously, tend to seek more knowledge. They’re more curious and enjoy learning more.

Observing And Memorizing

It shouldn’t be very surprising that people with higher intelligence are likely to be more observant. Not only that, but they also have an easier time memorizing information that they take in.

Good Body Memory

People with higher intelligence won’t just have a good mental memory, but a good body memory as well. Even if they can’t explain how to get someplace, their body will just know the way. The same thing goes for repeated actions like sewing or weaving.

Handling Life’s Challenges

Life is complicated and is prone to changing. Of course, people with higher intelligence can likely, more easily run with the punches. In other words, that just means that they’re more adaptable.

Skilled At Keeping The Peace

Some people with higher intelligence are more diplomatic. Those with higher empathy are especially good at keeping the peace.

More Anxious

Signs of higher intelligence isn’t necessarily all good. More intelligent people tend to be more prone to higher levels of anxiety. This potentially stems from their knowledge of more potentially dangerous things.

Managing Your Emotions

More intelligent people, in the same vein of being more empathetic, are also more easily capable of managing their emotions. They can more easily recognize complex emotions and handle them accordingly.

Being A Pet Owner

People that own pets are apparently more likely to be more emotionally and generally intelligent. It seems that pets really are able to bring out the best in people.

Quick Thinking

People with higher intelligence have a greater problem-solving ability. People that are quick thinkers and are to easily create solutions to issues are likely to have higher intelligence.

Hard-Working Attitude

People with higher intelligence are likely to be harder workers as well. They seem to be more diligent to create the best possible result.

Good Tacit Knowledge

Tacit knowledge is the ability to pick up on information not directly said out loud. People with higher intelligence are able to more easily pick up on unspoken information. This is also somewhat related to emotional intelligence.

Language Proficiency

Of course people with a higher intelligence will have an easier time learning a new language. This isn’t something that’s true across the board, but learning a new language is a rather difficult task.


Intelligent people are often more trustworthy. This isn’t because they just give off an air of trustworthiness though. It’s related to their reliable decision-making, knowledge, memory, and problem-solving skills.

Incredibly Creative

With with higher intelligence are also more creative. The relation to quick-thinking and emotional intelligence probably has something to do with it.

High Achievements

At least according to psychology tests, someone’s intelligence can show their future success. Not every intelligent person will go on to do great things, you’ll still have to put the work in, but someone’s intelligence certainly seems to help out with their endeavors.

Good Intuition

People with higher intelligence are also known to have good intuition. That means that they’re able to sort of figure out or sense what the right path might be.

Prone To Mental Illnesses

Earlier, it was mentioned that people with higher intelligence are more prone to high anxiety. Similarly, they’re also more prone to other mental illnesses. This is normally a result of an accumulation of stress, likely related to their intelligence and talents.


People with higher intelligence are actually more likely to begin daydreaming. This also ties into the idea of them having high creativity.

Larger Pupils

This is a bit of an odd one, but people with higher pupils have larger pupils. A larger pupil size actually reflects both a higher fluid intelligence and a greater working memory capacity.

Taller Height

Research has only found that a taller height is also a sign of higher intelligence. The association isn’t as strong as other things on this list, but on average, taller people have gotten higher scores in research groups.

Late Sleeper

Likely connected to their status as harder-workers (or their relation to mental illnesses), more intelligent people tend to stay up late and wake up later as a result.


And lastly, many intelligent people are more cooperative workers. That’s not true across the board, some less emotionally intelligent people prefer to work alone, but others are able to work well in and keep a group together.