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Seemingly Ordinary Images That Are Anything But Ordinary

Sometimes, you look at a photo and think everything fine. You might even think it’s a mundane photo. But upon closer inspection, you’ll probably realize these photos aren’t quite what they’re cracked up to be. These are seemingly ordinary images that are anything but ordinary.

Cookie Cutter Homes

This is a nice model. All these identical homes are certainly interesting. Except it’s not just a model. This is an overhead shot of a town in Mexico. It’s called the San Buenaventura Complex.

That’s No Brick

Did they run out of regular bricks when they were making this wall? It’s a bit hard to notice at first, but you’ll soon notice that one of those bricks is actually a wooden block.

Look Between The Vases

These are some well-crafted and interesting looking vases. But that’s not why they’re here. No, look between the gaps of each of them and you’ll see the silhouette of a woman.

Objecting To The Union

The photo’s a little out of focus, but as the bride and groom are kneeling, look at the soles of the groom’s feet. Looks like someone’s objecting to this union. Just not who you’d expect it to be.

The Wrinkles On Your Thumb

Something about this thumb looks strange, right? Well, that’s because it doesn’t have the wrinkle lines you normally get from bending your thumbs. As it turns out, this person’s thumb doesn’t bend all the way. So that’s how you get those lines on your fingers normally.

A Child’s Cash Register

This is a nice children’s toy. It has a few different food and products that you’d expect something made for kids would have on it. Except for one thing. The “BEER” label probably isn’t something you’d expect children to want to get.

Grilled Cake

This is a very well-made cake, isn’t it? Yes, this is a cake. Looks almost exactly like a grilled cheese sandwich, right. Regardless of what it looks like it looks tasty.

Cactus Tree

What a nice and big tree. Except it’s not a tree, at least not technically. This is a cactus. It’s impressive that it was able to grow so big. Just hope that it doesn’t fall on someone. That would hurt. A lot.


Clouds shaped like this are pretty rare. And they just happen to be shaped like flying saucers. UFO does mean “unidentified flying object”, not specifically an alien one.

Blue Means Stop

It’s just so obvious what’s wrong with this stop sign. You might do a double take it’s so out of place. What happened that made this one blue in the first place? It must’ve been an error in production.

Mind The Grate

Stepping onto a grate seems like a completely normal thing to do. As a matter, you probably wouldn’t think much about looking at this photo. But then you might remember that the heels are so thin they could go through the holes in the grate.

Lizard In The Bathroom

It’s pretty cool having a lizard terrarium in your bathroom. It’s just weird having that terrarium right over the urinals. The lizard can’t possibly enjoy that.

Home-Baked Rock

That looks like a pretty nice loaf of home-baked bread. Well, guess again, it’s actually a rock. Somehow even the sand and dirt on it just add to the home-cooked appearance.

Owls Posing For A Picture

Looks like someone got a photo of two owls for the price of one. While the owl lurking in the background might be a little funny or creepy, the real focus should still be on the one in the front. Why are its pupils so dilated in the middle of the day? You can even compare the two owl’s eyes to each other.

The Inside Of A Guitar

This looks like an interesting room or apartment of some kind, right? Well, it’s actually the inside of a guitar. Haven’t you ever wondered what one looks like before? Well, now you know.

The Ultimate Camouflage

It’ll take you a few moments to pick them out in the photo. After all, their camo uniform actually blends in perfectly with this couch. That may be a point against the coach. But after a few more moments you can tell that their boots aren’t a pillow. Then you can see where their head is on the other end.

All In A Row

What an interesting caterpillar. Never seen one like this before, probably. Well, that’s because they’re actually birds. You’ll definitely be able to see it now. Bright colors seems to be something caterpillars and some birds have in common.

Cats In A Backpack

They look so uncomfortable in that bag! Well, fortunately, there are no cats in that bag. It’s just a very good cross-stitching job. It looks more like a photo than anything. You really have to give props to the artist.

No Shadows

Something about this just looks bizarre, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not a video game or any other animated thing. The reason it looks so bizarre is because there are no shadows. The sun’s directly overhead in a manner that shadows simply can’t be casted.

Namibian National Park

Sometimes nature is just more beautiful than art. Take this photo for example. It’s not a painting, even though it looks like one. This is a photo from a national park in Namibia. Although, the exact angle the photo was taken at to gain these results is impressive.

River Of Leaves

This is an interesting autumn path. Well, don’t step on it, or you’ll soon regret it. It’s actually a river that’s top became completely layered with leaves. Almost looks like the rest of the nearby ground.

Frosted Over

It looks like a cake or some other kind of desert zoomed in. Except that this is just the ground. It’s the Algerian Desert. It’s one of the colder deserts in the world so it snowed. Then, after a dust storm, the snow became covered in a layer it.

The Waves Of Jupiter

This looks like one of those photos taken of planets in outer space. Probably Jupiter of all planets. As it turns out, it’s a well-taken photo of some waves at a beach. The circular cropping of the photo really helps sell the illusion.

Snow Bunny

It might take you a few seconds to see it, but that just means its camouflage is doing its job. It’s eyes and the tips of its ears could even be confused for leaves by an unassuming eye.

An Extra Hand

There are a lot of models that pose for clothes, both in ads and on the actual packaging of the clothes. But this one’s got something wrong with it. Look down at the little girl and the location of her “father’s” hand. Yeah, looks like he has two hands there or something. It’s pretty likely the man wasn’t even physically present for the photoshoot with everyone else. He’s not reacting to anyone.