See 10,000 Glowing Books Take Over A Street In Toronto

Unless it is lined with incredible architecture or trees, your everyday city street can be fairly dull and gray.

Now try filling that ho-hum street with 10,000 glowing books, and the result will be nothing less than stunning.

Such was the case for a street in Toronto recently, when an anonymous art group filled it with 10,000 light-filled books. According to Bored Panda, this was a Literature vs. Traffic art exhibition, as part of the Nuit Blanche Art Festival.

According to the publication, it took 50 volunteers over 12 hours to spread the books donated from the Salvation Army across one of Toronto's busiest streets. The installation is the work of a group called Luzinterruptus.

“We want literature to take over the streets and conquer public spaces, freely offering those passersby a traffic-free place, which, for some hours, will succumb to the humble power of the written word," the Luzinterruptus website explained as the motivation for the installation.

Books were outfitted with small lights and left lying open to create the effect of a glowing river of books. Onlookers were free to come take photos, take books home with them and, even if only for a brief moment, enjoy the quiet that had befallen the street.

The website states that the piece was nearly completely dismantled after about 10 hours and a street maintenance crew cleared what was left of the art exhibit.

The impact the piece left with the Toronto inhabitants, however, will last much longer than one night. Because a sight like this surely can't be forgotten.

A great piece of art has a way of speaking to you, and I'd say, this piece has definitely left an impression, one beyond what words can express. And if you were lucky enough to stop by this street and take a book home, I hope that the words in that work of literature are still affecting you. Because that's what quality art does, it lives on.

[h/t: Hello Giggles]