School Janitor Brightens Kids’ Days With His Vacuum Designs

Kids don't really think much about walking into a clean classroom each and every day. They probably would never even consider how it even got done for them—but this janitor is working to make his presence known, in the most fun way possible.

Ron Munsey is the janitor who works the night shift at the Peter Woodbury School in Bedford, New Hampshire, ABC News reports, and he is known for leaving something special behind for the kids.

He uses the vacuum to create carpet designs, and it's the first things the kids see when they walk into the classroom each and every morning.

“He said he's always wanted to do it this but his wife won't let him do it in the living room,” assistant principal Dan Mitchell said.

So now, he gets to experiment with his creative side, for an audience that surely appreciates it!

“It goes a long way,” the assistant principal continued. "His shift is when the kids are gone, so oftentimes they lack that connection between the night staff and the students here in the day. It really drives home the point that there are so many people that come in here after you're gone, and they work so hard to make a safe, comfortable and happy place for you to learn.”

Munsey's created everything from Charlie Brown to shooting stars in the carpet, which proves just how talented he is with a vacuum.

According to Angie Perron Wyand, a first grade teacher, this attention to detail and going the extra mile is on par with who Munsey is.

“He's obviously putting his time and creativity into something you'd think was a simple job but he's taking it to the next level," she said. "He's always very helpful. If you need something he'll get it for you right away. He cleans the rooms really well. He's just goes above and beyond each night."

When it comes to having pride in your job, Munsey definitely has it. And that's got to put a smile to your face!

[h/t: Yahoo!]