See Why A Bus Driver’s Note To Parents Is Going Viral

Parenting can be incredibly stressful. From morning until night, you spend endless time and energy on your kids, hoping against hope that you are doing a good job and that your children will grow up to be kind, healthy and happy.

However, most of the time when we get feedback from teachers and others in the community, it is generally when something has gone wrong. Whether it's a bad grade or a fight at school, it seems that no news is good news when it comes to our kids' behavior outside the home.

However, New Jersey bus driver Cindy Clausen is seeking to change that. She was so inspired by the sweet behavior that she saw from two children on her bus route that she decided to write a note to their parents. No doubt mom and dad were a bit nervous to receive the typed missive (after all, most of the time when our kids come home with a note from school, it means we have a problem on our hands). However, the message inside was far from negative. Instead, it was a glowing, uplifting message that would fill any parent's heart with pride.

As the note explains, Clausen could not help but notice how sister and brother Annaliese and Jorge went out of their way to show kindness to Jackson, another student on the bus who struggles to walk at times. As Clausen explains, Jackson sometimes feels down when he gets on the bus in the morning, but after Annaliese and Jorge welcome him and shower him attention and support, his smile quickly returns.

This heartwarming story is exactly what this country needs right now to remind us that our future is still bright. Despite our differences, these young children prove that love and kindness is the answer—and that we all have the power to make meaningful change in the world around us.