This Rescue Dog Is Trying To Reunite With His Siblings For A Playdate

Forget awkward family reunions with unflattering T-shirts: This is going to be the best (cutest!) one ever. This is the story of a dog named Frito who was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes in October 2015. Frito is looking for his doggy siblings in the hopes of having the best reunion playdate the dog world has ever seen.

Thanks to the help of a Facebook post by Frito's mom, Corie Gemmiti, the world is trying to help this pup reunite with his six furry siblings.

"Hi, my name is Frito," the sign reads. "I was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes on Oct. 24, 2015. I'm looking for my siblings whose names were: Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy and Aspen. Please share my post so I can reunite with them for a puppy play date at Texas Humane Heroes! #AdoptDontShop."

Gemmiti also posted a picture of Frito and his siblings as puppies so that their new owners will hopefully be able to recognize their little pups.

According to an interview with ABC News, Gemmiti got the idea for a playdate after looking through old photos of Frito and his sibs at the shelter.

“When I first adopted him, the lady who had fostered him had pics of them when they were puppies,” Gemmiti, of Leander, Texas, told ABC News. “She sent me a group photo of all of them. I was going through the photos in my phone and saw them and wondered what those puppies look like now and if they'd remember each other if they saw each other.”

So far, it has only taken two days to find four out of the six siblings, thanks to the widely shared post. A playdate has been set up for February 18, but two more of the pups still need to be found.

“We do have records that helped us track them down,” Christine Rankin, a spokesperson for the shelter, told Good Morning America. “They responded right away and they were so excited. We've all been curious if they'll still look alike.”

Paws crossed we find Frito's other siblings in time for the playdate!

[h/t: Mashable]