Real-Life Spiderman Saves Toddler Dangling From The Side Of A Building [Video]

Three stories up in an apartment all alone, a 2-year-old boy decided to climb through the window to get outside.

Somehow the child managed to fit his body through the security bars covering the windows. Only then, the boy's head got stuck between the bars, and he was left dangling above the ground in Liaocheng, China, now in a desperate situation. If he turned his head right or left, he would be free from the bars—and free to fall the three stories down.

A crowd of people began to notice the poor child's grave circumstances. Gathering below him they started screaming for someone to help. In comes Liang Lei, who lives in the neighborhood.

"I got here and found the boy barely moving. His legs were shaking. I decided to climb up as I thought he was in danger, " said Lei. Using security bars and window ledges, Lei began his ascent up the side of the building. There was no harness or safety rope. Lei was just a man with his bare hands on his way to save a terrified child desperate for help.

Finally Lei reached the child as the crowd captured his daring rescue on camera. Lei held onto the boy until a locksmith was able to get into the child's apartment. Once the locksmith was in the home he pulled the child and Lei through the window and back to safety.

It's not everyday you see someone put himself in harms way for the safety of another, especially a stranger. It is all too easy to sit back and not take action, which is what makes Lei such a hero.