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Raw, Unedited, And Chilling Photos

By just looking at some of these photos, you’ll probably notice that something isn’t right. But after looking long enough, you’ll soon realize how absolutely chilling some of these photos are. Be careful as you go through these images, they’re not for the faint of heart.

Princess Diana On A Yacht

This is an image of Princess Diana on her last holiday. She was on the private yacht “Jonikal”, owned by her boyfriend, Mohammed Al Fayed. She was attempting to reinvent herself by hopefully removing herself from the public eye, but this image shows how well that worked. Even when she was out at sea, the paparazzi were always hounding her.

Reynaldo Dagsa Before The End

This photo was taken by Reynaldo Dagsa, a Philippine councilman. It pictures his family and his killer. Off to the left you can see the gunmen about to fire from behind Dagsa’s family. The photo did help bring his killers to justice, who were believed to have had a grudge against Dagsa, as he had them arrested the previous year.

Flight 123

This is Japan Airlines Flight 123, August 12, 1985, mere moments before it crashed. Despite the situation, there’s a sense of calm and normalcy. Yet, out of 524 people on the plane, only four survived. 45 minutes after taking off, the plane crashed headfirst into Mount Takamagahara.

Jungle Pam

Jungle Pam was a drag-racing queen back in the 70’s. Not because she was a driver, but she was an assistant to the announcer, “Jungle Jim” Lieberman. Known for her tight outfits and showmanship, people always liked getting a look at her. She was more than just a pretty face, but the one she had helped out the racing community.

Buried At Sea

This is a burial at sea on the USS Intrepid in November 1944. The ship had only been out to sea for a little over a year, helping on the Pacific Front of World War II. A battle in the Philippines led to extensive damage on the ship and several casualties. The ship was saved, but it was forced to limp back home, as it was no longer functional in its current state.

Showing Off In The Courtroom

It’s a little surprising to learn that Florida of all states would arrest an exotic dancer for wearing “revealing” bottoms in the early ’80s. Well, apparently she thought the same thing. So, she bent over and showed her rear. As it turns out, this is what actually won her the case. The dancer had claimed that their shorts were too big to show what undercover officers supposedly saw, and the judge agreed. The image ended up circling the globe after it was picked up by Playboy.

A Wooden Box In Mongolia

This is a photo in 1913, taken by French photographer Albert Kahn. The woman in this photo was sentenced to death, so she was locked in a grate, left in a desert, and forced to starve to death. The bowls on the ground were filled with water, and the prisoner was allowed to beg for food, but all it really did was prolong the inevitable.

Sharon Tate On Cielo Drive

With all the media surrounding it, and how horrible an event it was in general, most people are probably aware of the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson Family. This photo shows her at her home in Cielo Drive in Los Angeles, eight months pregnant. Surrounded by friends, Tate and everyone in her home was murdered by Tex Watson and his accomplices.

Maureen McCormick

One of the stars of The Brady Bunch, all of those actors had a rather wholesome appearance to them. Although, for the young Maureen McCormick, the pressure of that image caused her to start to act out. At one point, her parents even threatened to call the police on her.

Juliane Koepcke

Juliane Koepcke had been visiting Peru with her mother. On Christmas Eve, 1971 Koepcke and her boarded LANSA Flight 508 at Lima Airport in order to go home. But the plane was struck by lightning and crashed into the Peruvian rainforest. Koepecke was the only survivor. At age 17 she trudged through the rainforest with a broken collarbone and ruptured ligaments in her knees. She survived off of nothing but a bag of candy until she finally found her way back to civilization.

Marilyn Monroe At Santa Monica Beach

In this photo, Marilyn Monroe really looks like she has her whole life ahead of her. It’s a shame it was cut short. This was one of the last photos of Monroe ever taken. The photographer was George Barris, a close friend of her’s, who she called just a few days before she took her own life to see if he could come visit.

The Last Moments Of Anton Dostler

This is a photo of German officer Anton Dostler, just before his execution at the hands of Allied Forces at the end of World War II. Dostler had given the order to execute 15 U.S. soldiers, and this was discovered after he was captured. He was put on trial on May 8, 1945 and sentenced to death by a 12-man firing squad. The execution was carried out December 1st of that same year.

The Four-Legged Girl From Texas

This is Myrtle Corbin, also known as P.T. Barnum’s “Four-Legged Girl From Texas”. The young girl was born with two sets of legs and two sets internal and external reproductive organs. Her smaller, inner legs were functional, but not strong enough to support her weight and walk on. At the age of 13, she was used by her father as a sideshow performer, which eventually attracted the attention of Barnum for his own act. She retired at age 18 and settled down with a doctor in 1885. She lived a relatively peaceful life, passing away in 1928 from a streptococcal skin infection.


The filming of the James Bond film, Thunderball, involved several famous actors. Here is pictured a young Sean Connery, Terence Young, and, the Bond girl of the film, Claudine Auger. Auger played Domino in the film, being signed to the film on the spot after running into the producer, Kevin McClory.

Undercover At A Playboy Club

Gloria Steinem is associated with the 1960s and ’70s wave of feminism. As it turns out, she gone undercover at a Playboy Club for an expose. This isn’t a photo of Steinam, but it’s an accurate portrayal of her “uniform” at the time. As it turns out, the woman were underpaid and expected to wear tight fitting clothes, very high heels, and undergo invasive medical procedures to even get the job in the first place. Steinam’s expose “A Bunny’s Tale” ran in Show magazine, but she didn’t get work for years as a result of it.

An Icebox Facial

This is known as an icebox facial treatment. Originally, it was used by starlet’s to keep their makeup in in place between takes. The cold ensured that nothing melted under the studio lights. And, supposedly, after this Hollywood secret got out, women all over the world had begun using these face masks. Cold can actually be good for your skin, but a mask like this isn’t exactly necessary.

Bonnie And Clyde

People think of Bonnie and Clyde as these suave, unstoppable criminal couple, inspiring all kinds of legends. But this photo really shows just how young they were, and how much they really cared about each other. People were truly fascinated with the pair, to an almost disturbing degree. And on May 23rd, 1934, they were gunned down.

Donald And Ivanka

Having listened to some of the things Donald Trump has said about his eldest daughter makes this image a bit more uncomfortable. Sure, it may look like a father just cuddling with his daughter, but that’s not the way the former president makes it sound. He’s described her as having “the best body” among other things. Most notably is when he said “…if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Mannequin Survivors

This is all that was left at the scene of the horrible fire at London’s Madame Tussauds in 1925. Human casualties were low, the real loss from inside were the wax mannequins. The ones in this picture were the only mannequins to survive the fire. And how realistic they look is rather unsettling.

Hans Georg Henke

Hans Georg Henke was a 16-year-old German soldier that fought in World War II. His parents had died in 1944 and he had no choice but to join the Luftwaffe. When the photo was taken, claimed he was crying because the Germans had lost the war. However, American photojournalist John Florea claimed that Henke’s tears were actually the result of stress upon his position being overrun by American forces.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s well known for her roles as seductresses in films like St. Elmo’s Fire and Ghost. But originally, she was just a model, albeit a little too young to actually be modeling in some of these shoots. The photo here is from a photo shoot with French magazine, Oui. At the time, Moore had lied about her age, and later revealed that she was either 16 or 17 when the photos were taken.

Ian Curtis With His Daughter

Listeners of Joy Division could probably tell that Ian Curtis was depressed. The lyrics of his music perfectly accompanied the cold, distant music of his bandmates. It brimmed with loss, anger, and sadness. On May 19th, 1980, the day before Joy Division was set to head on their first American tour, Curtis hung himself in his kitchen.

Irish Guard Fainting

The Irish Guard in Great Britain are supposed to stay stoic, unmoving, and completely mute as long as they’re on duty. During a parade for the queen’s birthday, this member of the guard passed out after being overheated. As it turns out, the Irish Guard are also supposed to fall at attention, so he just fell straight down onto his face.

Farrah Fawcett By Andy Warhol

Farrah Fawcett is one of the most beautiful women of the 1970s, with even a hairstyle being named after her. This photo here is a copy of the original polaroid that inspired two paintings made by Andy Warhol. While polaroid didn’t prove to be much issue, the paintings became a massive point of contention in her family after she passed away. Her former partner, Ryan O’Neal fought tooth and nail to keep a hold of one them, eventually winning it in a court case.

John Lennon With Mark David Chapman

John Lennon has appeared in many photos, but on his own and with his former band. However, what’s interesting about this one is that he’s picture with Mark David Chapman, the man who took his life. The photo was taken December 8, 1980, outside the apartment building where he lived. He signed a few autographs and later returned to his apartment building, where Chapman brandished a gun and shot the legend.

Miss Beautiful Eyes

Well this one just looks disturbing. Between the 1930s and 1950s there was a pageant known as “Miss Beautiful Eyes”. These competitions were supposed to take women that weren’t exactly “pin-up types” to show off how beautiful their eyes were. Some contests had women wear a simple handkerchief, but this one had all the contestants wear an insane face mask.

Duchenne De Boulogne

The Duchenne smile refers to a particular look on one’s face using the mouth and eyes. The man this smile was named after carried out several electrophysiological studies in order to figure out how the muscles of the face work. They involved stimulating certain muscle groups in order to get strange reactions like the one pictured here. Fortunately, while the photos look rather disturbing, and the experiments weren’t very comfortable, they looked far worse than they actually felt.

Isaac Woodard

This is Isaac Woodard, an army veteran. He was 26 at the time this happened to him, but it wasn’t because of a battle. He had just returned home after being honorably discharged and got in an argument with a bus driver after he asked if he had time to use the restroom. The driver told local police in Batesburg, South Carolina about the altercation and Woodard was beaten and arrested by local police. Woodard was later taken to a veteran’s hospital where he was informed that the beating had made him permanently go blind.