Rare Abnormal Traits That Make People Unique

99.9% of the DNA in each person is identical. Yet, that last 0.01% makes sure that no one looks or feels the same. It’s that genetic diversity that allows humans to grow and thrive. However, there are some people whose genetic diversity took an extra step. Those individuals look unique, even amongst the large variety of humans. Here are people whose genetics made them unique.

Bright Blue Eyes

This child has vitiligo, which causes a loss of pigmentation in certain parts of the body. As a result, he’s also got these piercing, blue eyes. He looks like a model.

The Widest Peace Sign

This person must have incredibly flexible fingers, able to split apart their index and middle finger that far. They may be able to make the world’s widest peace sign.

All The Love

It’s almost like the love of their parents was imprinted onto this baby’s forehead. They have a cute birthmark in the shape of a heart. Let’s see if the mark stays there as the kid gets older.

Uncomfortable Hair Syndrome

Uncomfortable Hair Syndrome is actually what this child is afflicted with. It causes the child’s hair to naturally stick up and out like this. While it makes the hair difficult to manage, that doesn’t exactly mean that the person without the hair can’t rock the look.

One Extra Finger

This person’s abnormality may be a little harder to notice at first glance. But, as soon as you see it, you can’t miss it. They have one extra pinky finger on their right hand.

Like Frost

This person has albinism. While that makes it difficult to take in the sun, it still gave this man a beautiful pattern around their eyelashes. Their iris also has a sort of frost pattern.

Big Birthmark

This person has a rare skin condition called giant congenital pigmented nevus. Essentially, that massive mark on his back, shoulder, pectoral, and bicep, is a giant mole. And it all grows hair.

Two Thumbs Up

This baby was born with a second thumb. It’d be more accurate to say that there’s an extra digit of a thumb coming from their “normal” thumb. They might develop a pretty strong grip.

Double Ear Holes

This extra ear hole is called a preauricular pit. It’s what happens when the ear doesn’t fuse properly while in the fetal stages of development. While strange, it doesn’t negatively impact hearing.

The Most Unique Naval

While there are both innie and outie belly buttons, this one’s rather unique due to the swirl it possesses. Only cartoon characters seem to have navals like this one.


Coloboma happens when there’s a missing piece or hole in the structure of the eye. It generally occurs during development in the womb. Unless the hole is particularly large, it doesn’t influence eyesight.

Loose Neck

The skin around this man’s neck is incredibly loose. As such, he’s capable of gathering it up in his mouth in the way pictured here.

Cold Hands

This person has a condition called Raynaud Syndrome. This prevents proper blood flow when exposed to colder temperatures. It’s kind of like fast-acting hypothermia, albeit it only affects circulation to the fingers. As such, when affected, the fingers turn the cream-colored pictured here.

Leftover On The Eye

This is a condition called persistent pupillary membrane, or PPM. Essentially, a part of the fetal membrane remains on the eye after the child develops. It’s doesn’t affect vision and it’s certainly non-life-threatening. It just looks a bit strange.

Split Uvula

This is a bifid uvula. It has some minor symptoms, but nothing too dangerous. One may speak with a nasally voice and can be more prone to ear infections.


Chimerism is when someone holds the DNA of two separate people. Pictured here, you can see that this causes a large portion of the individual’s skin to have a different tone. This normally happens because someone absorbed their twin in the womb.

More Vitiligo

This person has vitiligo, like the blue-eyed kid from the first spot. However, this person’s vitiligo is mostly focused around their right eye. It gives them a sort of mystical appearance with their eyelashes and eyebrow being much lighter than the rest of her dark hair.

Missing Lashes

This boy was born with no eyelashes on his right eye. According to him, he doesn’t notice much of a difference between them, just that his right eye gets a little bit more watery than the left.

Inverted Fingernails

This man was born with inverted fingernails, causing them to push down instead of out. Considering how tender the skin underneath the nails is, this may be a rather painful, or at least uncomfortable, experience for the man.

Back Knees

This man likely has a medical condition called genu recurvatum. It causes the knees to essentially form on the backside of the leg, causing them to bend in the opposite direction as well. As such, this man ends up with this as his natural standing position.

Double Toenails

Not only was this woman born with extra large big toes, but she has two nails on each of them as well. It actually looks more like two toes fused together as opposed to just being a large than average toe as a result.

Elf Ears

Whoever has this type of ear has probably heard someone refer to their ears in this manner, but it shouldn’t be treated as an insult. Having pointed ears like this is not just unique, but it’s really cool. Not a lot of people can say they have naturally curved ears like this.

Writing On Your Skin

This is from a skin condition called dermatographism. Essentially, doing anything on one’s skin will cause it to break out into a rash with how sensitive it is. As such, you can actually write words and make shapes, so silver linings.

Two-Toned Hair

This woman was born with naturally blonde and black hair. It comes from a condition called piebaldism, which causes random patches of hair to be non-pigmented. What’s truly impressive is how the hair managed to so stylishly choose which section would lack pigmentation.

Tongue Tentacles

These aren’t some alien tentacles or anything like that. These are just leftover patches of tissue that weren’t reabsorbed following the development of this person’s tongue while in the womb. A completely logical and scientific explanation.