Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Dog Breeds?

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You may be able to tell the difference between a labrador and a golden retriever, but can you identify these lesser-known dog breeds by sight? Test out your canine cunning on the quiz.

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If you think this dog looks a bit like a Doberman Pinscher, you’re right. The Beauceron, a French-originating herding dog, is one of the breeds that was used in creating the Doberman.

1. Do you recognize this black and tan guard dog?

Doberman Pinscher
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The Sloughi is a member of the sighthound category of dogs and originated in North Africa. They are most common in Morocco.

2. Can you name this sleek and fast canine?

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It’s a Boston terrier. You can distinguish between the two little dogs by noting the tuxedo pattern of the Boston terrier and its longer legs when compared to the Frenchie. Both breeds descended from the English bulldog.

3. A familiar face, but do you remember which breed it is?

Boston terrier
French bulldog (Frenchie)