Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Dog Breeds?

You may be able to tell the difference between a labrador and a golden retriever, but can you identify these lesser-known dog breeds by sight? Test out your canine cunning on the quiz.

[sm_quiz image="57974? question="Do you recognize this black and tan guard dog?" choice1="Doberman Pinscher" choice2="Beauceron" response="If you think this dog looks a bit like a Doberman Pinscher, you're right. The Beauceron, a French-originating herding dog, is one of the breeds that was used in creating the Doberman." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57975? question="Can you name this sleek and fast canine?" choice1="Sloughi" choice2="Whippet" response="The Sloughi is a member of the sighthound category of dogs and originated in North Africa. They are most common in Morocco." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57988? question="A familiar face, but do you remember which breed it is?" choice1="Boston terrier" choice2="French bulldog (Frenchie)" response="It's a Boston terrier. You can distinguish between the two little dogs by noting the tuxedo pattern of the Boston terrier and its longer legs when compared to the Frenchie. Both breeds descended from the English bulldog." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57976? question="Know the name of this sharp-looking dog?" choice1="Harrier" choice2="Beagle" response="It's a harrier. This breed gets its name from being a hunter of hares or rabbits traditionally. If you think it looks like a Beagle, you aren't far off. The harrier is related to the Beagle but is substantially larger than its cousin. English Foxhounds are also closely related." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57977? question="Who's this little fluffy dog?" choice1="Bichon Frise" choice2="Dandie Dinmont Terrier" response="It's a Dandie Dinmont Terrier, recognized as its own breed by the American Kennel Club since 1886. This terrier shares a similar fluffy and affable appearance to a Bichon but is heavier than the other breed. It is often groomed to have a rather fabulous mop of curly hair on the top of its head." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57979? question="Have you seen this unique canine before?" choice1="Pharaoh Hound" choice2="Cirneco Dell'Etna" response="It's a Cirneco Dell'Etna. This dog hails originally from Sicily, an island off the Italian coast. Its name may seem hard to say but this dog is friendly, affectionate and loyal. It's also got a lot of speed and closely resembles its larger cousin breed, the Pharaoh Hound." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="58289? question="Do you know the name of this happy but fierce dog?" choice1="Doberman Pinscher" choice2="Rottweiler" response="It's a Rottweiler. Both Rottweilers and Dobermans are known for being good guard dogs and both have similar coloring. But the Rottweiler is much stockier than a Doberman. " correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57978? question="What's this little guy's name?" choice1="Cesky Terrier" choice2="Miniature Schnauzer" response="It's a Cesky Terrier! This little dog gets its name from its country of origin, the Czech Republic, where it's also the national dog. It was created from a crossbreed between a Scottie (Scottish Terrier) and a Sealyham Terrier." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57982? question="What breed is this cuddly dog?" choice1="East Siberian Laika" choice2="Karelian Bear Dog" response="It's a Karelian Bear Dog. This Finnish dog is beloved in its home nation. It was originally bred for game hunting." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57983? question="Is it a lamb? Is it a dog? What's its name?" choice1="Standard American Poodle" choice2="Bedlington Terrier" response="This is a Bedlington Terrier, often known because of its grooming to resemble a lamb and having a distinctly rounded muzzle. Like many terriers, they were trained to hunt vermin." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57990? question="Can you guess what this sleek creature is called?" choice1="Azawakh" choice2="Italian Greyhound" response="The Azawakh is a West African-originating sighthound that was so naturally speedy that people trained it to hunt gazelle. They are also great companion dogs." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57993? question="Do you know the name of this national dog of Israel?" choice1="Kelev" choice2="Canaan Dog" response="The Canaan dog, aka Bedouin Sheepdog, has various coat colors. But all Canaan colors were bred to be guard dogs for pasture-grazing animals." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57995? question="Know the name of this gigantic canine from a cold climate?" choice1="Bernese Mountain Dog" choice2="Caucasian Shepherd Dog" response="This Caucasian Shepherd Dog, or Caucasian Ovcharka, hails from the Caucasus mountain region. These dogs are known as wolf killers because they can warn shepherds and farmers of the approach of predators like wolves and intimidate them away. The Ovcharka can weigh up to 170 pounds, but is also sweet and loyal to its family members." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57994? question="Do you know the name of this dog that looks like a cross between a corgi and a wolf?" choice1="Swedish Vallhund" choice2="Swedish Lapphund" response="The Swedish Vallhund's name means herding dog and that's what these low-to-the-ground canines were bred for. They mostly herded cattle, and the breed dates back to Viking times." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57992? question="It's a mop dog! But which mop dog?" choice1="Komondor" choice2="Puli" response="Both the Komondor and the Puli come from Hungary. But the answer is Komondor. The Komondor's long white dreadlocks or cords occur naturally but must be maintained. A Puli is also corded but smaller than a Komondor." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57980? question="Have you heard of this dog breed?" choice1="German Shepherd" choice2="Belgian Malinois Dog" response="Belgian Malinois Dogs, often called Mals, were traditionally a herding dog. They are now also used for scent detection and guarding duties (they've been used at the White House). They love their people and need plenty of exercise." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57997? question="Do you know the name of this dog with the divided nostrils?" choice1="Catalburun" choice2="Andean Tiger-hound" response="It's a Catalburun. This dog with the split nose is Turkish by origin. It is largely used for hunting because of its strong sense of smell, though its segmented nostrils actually don't have an effect on this sense either way." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57996? question="Do you know the name of this dog, nicknamed the little lion dog?" choice1="Lowchen" choice2="Chow Chow" response="This is the Lowchen. While the dog pictured does not appear to be groomed with a lion cut, traditionally, Lowchens are shaved at the back and around the feet to emphasize a lion-like appearance and mane. They make great companion animals." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57985? question="Can you name this unique looking dog?" choice1="Bluetick Coonhound" choice2="Catahoula Leopard Dog" response="The Catahoula Leopard Dog takes its name from a Choctaw word for sacred lake. The breed originated in Louisiana. These working dogs are popular for hunting and herding. They vary in color in coat and eyes but always look quite striking." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57981? question="Another fluffy white dog! But do you know its name?" choice1="Coton de Tulear" choice2="Bichon Frise" response="It's a Coton de Tulear. This dog originated in Madagascar and became a popular companion dog for the ruling tribes. Their coat color can vary from white and they are slightly smaller than a Bichon Frise." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57984? question="Can you name this puffin hunter?" choice1="Norwegian Lundehund" choice2="Norwegian Buhund" response="The Norwegian Lundehund's name literally means puffin-hunter and the dog was trained to be an expert at it, especially since they have six toes on each foot and webbed padding between them. They are super flexible as well, with an extra bendy neck that can touch its back. These dogs came close to extinction after puffin hunting was banned and they are still fairly rare." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="57989? question="Can you name this big boy?" choice1="St. Bernard" choice2="Leonberger" response="The Leonberger is a large, lion-looking dog that came from Germany and almost went extinct during both world wars. This is a working dog that can pull carts, act as a water rescuer and herd." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57991? question="What water dog are you witnessing in action here?" choice1="Portuguese Water Dog" choice2="Lagotto Romagnolo" response="The Lagotto Romagnolo are Italian by origin and not only great lovers of the water (originally trained to be water retrievers) but also truffle connoisseurs. They can be trained to sniff out a truffle with expert precision. Like the Portuguese Water Dog, the Lagotto Romagnolo has a curly coat and cute looks." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="57987? question="Can you name this golden-red canine?" choice1="Redbone Coonhound" choice2="Vizsla" response="The Vizsla came from Hungary and were bred for hunting. They're athletic dogs who are also big people lovers." correct="2? /]