Quiz: Can You Identify These Commonly Confused Animals?

There are more animals on earth than we can count. Scientists estimate there are more than 8 million species of animals on the planet, and they are discovering new species with regularity. Pretty unfathomable, right?

Still, there are certain animals that most of us are familiar with. Even those that are beyond the barnyard variety. Like beavers and muskrats, alligators and crocodiles. Everybody knows these animals, but they're also examples of animals that are easily mistaken for the other.

Think you know your crocs from your gators and then some? Test out your animal recognition knowledge with our "easily confused" animals quiz to see if you know your seals from your seal lions and your llamas from your alpacas and more.

[sm_quiz image="48285? question="Is this a seal or sea lion?" choice1="Seal" choice2="Sea Lion" response="This is a sea lion. One easy way to remember the difference: Sea lions have external ear flaps while seals do not." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48286? question="Is this an opossum or a possum?" choice1="Possum" choice2="Opossum" response="This is a possum. One easy way to remember the difference: Possums are found in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Sulawesi and China, and are more closely related to a kangaroo. The opossum is found in North America." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48288? question="Is this a dolphin or a porpoise?" choice1="Porpoise" choice2="Dolphin" response="This is a porpoise. One easy way to remember the difference: Dolphins have elongated beaks and porpoises have smaller mouths." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48289? question="What is this? " choice1="Butterfly" choice2="Moth" response="This is a moth. One easy way to remember the difference: Moths are fuzzy and have feathered antennas. Butterflies have clubbed antennae." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48290? question="Can you identify this animal?" choice1="Reindeer" choice2="Elk" response="This is an elk. One easy way to remember the difference: An elk has darker, shaggy hair on its neck. Reindeer (of the same species as caribou) have white necks." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48291? question="Is this a goose or a duck?" choice1="Duck" choice2="Goose" response="This is a duck (a mallard, or male duck, to be exact). An easy way to remember the difference: Geese have longer necks and are generally bigger than ducks." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48292? question="What animal is this? " choice1="Porcupine" choice2="Hedgehog" response="This is a hedgehog. An easy way to remember the difference: A hedgehog has shorter quills than a porcupine." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48293? question="Can you identify this animal?" choice1="Crocodile" choice2="Alligator" response="This is an alligator. An easy way to remember the difference: An alligator has a U-shaped snout. A crocodile has a pointy, V-shaped snout." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48295? question="Is this a squid or an octopus?" choice1="Octopus" choice2="Squid" response="This is an octopus. An easy way to remember the difference: A squid is more cone-shaped and has two longer tentacles with hooks along with its eight arms whereas an octopus has eight arms and no tentacles." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48361? question="What type of cat is this?" choice1="Jaguar" choice2="Leopard" response="This is a jaguar. An easy way to remember the difference: Jaguars are bigger than leopards, and they live Central and South America rather than Asia and Africa like leopards. Spotted jaguars (both types of cat can be all black as well) have dots inside their rosettes that leopards do not. " correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48297? question="What is this creature?" choice1="Weasel" choice2="Mongoose" response="This is a mongoose. Mongoose are cat-like animals found primarily in Africa while weasels are ferret-like animals found around much of the world (but not in Africa)." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48298? question="Can you name this animal? " choice1="Muskrat" choice2="Beaver" response="This is a muskrat. One easy way to tell the difference: Muskrats weigh around 4 lbs and beavers weigh closer to 40 lbs." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48299? question="Are these llamas or alpacas?" choice1="Llamas" choice2="Alpacas" response="This is an alpaca. How to remember the difference: An alpaca is smaller and fluffier, and a llama has distinctive, long ears." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48300? question="Do you recognize this animal? " choice1="Aardvark" choice2="Anteater" response="This is an anteater. One easy way to remember the difference: Anteaters have small ears and more fur while aardvarks have big ears and shorter hair." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48301? question="What is this animal? " choice1="Mule" choice2="Donkey" response="This is a mule. One easy way to remember the difference: A mule is bigger than a donkey because it is a crossbreed of a horse with a donkey. Donkeys also tend to have bigger ears." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48302? question="Is this a frog or a toad?" choice1="Frog" choice2="Toad" response="This is a toad. One easy way to remember the difference: Toads have rougher, thicker skin compared to frogs." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48303? question="Is this a wasp or a bee?" choice1="Wasp" choice2="Bee" response="This is a wasp. One easy way to remember the difference: Wasps are sleeker compared to the plumper and often fuzzier bee." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48304? question="Can you identify this animal?" choice1="Turtle" choice2="Tortoise" response="This is a giant tortoise. One easy way to remember the difference: Tortoises stick to land while turtles go in the water." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48305? question="Can you name this animal?" choice1="Rabbit" choice2="Hare" response="This is a hare. One easy way to remember the difference: A hare is bigger in general with longer ears than a rabbit." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48306? question="Are these prawns or shrimp?" choice1="Prawns" choice2="Shrimp" response="These are shrimp. One easy way to remember the difference: Shrimp have a signature bend to their body unlike prawns. Prawns are also freshwater crustaceans." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48307? question="Is this a bison or a buffalo?" choice1="Bison" choice2="Buffalo" response="This is a bison. One easy way to remember the difference: Buffalo live in South Asia and Africa, and bison are in North America and parts of Europe. Buffalo also have larger horns." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48308? question="Is this a bobcat or a cougar?" choice1="Bobcat" choice2="Cougar" response="This is a bobcat. One easy way to remember the difference: Bobcats are spotted and smaller than cougars (also known as pumas, mountain lions and panthers)." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48309? question="Is this a gibbon or a lemur?" choice1="Gibbon" choice2="Lemur" response="This is a gibbon. One easy way to remember the difference: Gibbons don't have tails (like other apes) while lemurs have tails that are longer than their bodies." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="55649? question="Are these chimpanzees or bonobos?" choice1="Bonobos" choice2="Chimpanzees" response="These are bonobos. While quite similar in appearance, chimp society involves a lot of physical fighting whereas bonobos are mostly peaceful. Bonobos can be recognized by their pink lips." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48311? question="Is this a wolf or a coyote?" choice1="Coyote" choice2="Wolf" response="This is a coyote. One easy way to remember the difference: Coyotes have taller, pointed ears and a more pointed face than a wolf." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48312? question="What is this creature?" choice1="Salamander" choice2="Lizard" response="This is a salamander. One easy way to remember the difference: Salamanders stay moist while lizards are dry and have claws." correct="1? /]

[sm_quiz image="48313? question="Is this a cricket or a grasshopper?" choice1="Cricket" choice2="Grasshopper" response="This is a grasshopper. One easy way to remember the difference: A grasshopper has short antennae while crickets have long ones." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48314? question="Can you identify this bug?" choice1="Tick" choice2="Flea" response="This is a flea. One easy way to remember the difference: Ticks are bigger than fleas and often teardrop shaped." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="48315? question="What is this? " choice1="Flying Ant" choice2="Termite" response="This is a termite. One easy way to remember the difference: Termites have longer wings compared to their bodies. Ants also have narrower waists." correct="2? /]

[sm_quiz image="55654? question="What are the birds pictured here?" choice1="Penguins" choice2="Puffins" response="These are puffins. Penguins have longer, thicker bodies and pointier beaks than puffins." correct="2? /]