Preemie Gives Inspiring Ear-To-Ear Smile At 5 Days Old

Meet Freya, the daughter of David and Lauren Vinje, who was born prematurely at 34 weeks.

Her mother, Lauren Vinje, recently shared a photo of Freya smiling ear-to-ear at just 5 days old on a childbirth blog, Birth Without Fear. Her photo is now giving hope to other preemie parents around the world.

Just look at that million dollar smile!

"I was talking to her and I had said, 'Should we send a picture to Daddy?' and right when I was about to take the picture, she had this huge smile. It was a picture that I had always wanted to get out for people to see because of how it touched me [in] the way that it did." Vinje shared with ABC News.

Since the photo was shared on Love What Matters' Facebook page on October 16, the photo has gained over 300,000 likes, and more than 45,000 shares. Amongst those likes and shares are parents who have preemie babies of their own. Vinje's post about Freya inspired other parent's to share their preemie baby stories as well, many sharing that their babies have now grown up to be strong and healthy.

Freya is currently a healthy and thriving 2-year-old. Vinje went onto say that Freya is the best thing that happened to her family, and that she is just as happy today as she was in the photo.

"She's so happy. That picture at 5 days old, you can see her little personality and you look at her now, and she hasn't changed. She's still the happy little girl in that photo."

Watch this video to learn more about Freya's journey and how she is doing today!

[h/t: abc News & Hot Topics]