This Holiday Commercial About A Man Learning English Will Get You Right In The Feels

Feel-good holiday advertisements are one of the best parts of the season! Whether they make us laugh, cry, or a combination of the two, they are always memorable and enjoyed for years to come.

Warning: Extreme holiday cheer ahead.

Allegro, a Polish online auction website similar to eBay, recently released their holiday commercial for 2016. And it will warm the heart of anyone, even the Grinch!

Watch it here:

The story in the commercial is simple. A elderly Polish man begins to learn English using a book he bought off Allegro. He struggles at first (mixing up words like fork and knife, and hilariously mispronouncing certain words), but he sticks to his lessons.

YouTube, Allegro

His Jack Russell terrier adds to the cuteness as he watches his owner with an amused expression. The Polish gentleman practices basic words as well as phrases like "I love you" and "You are perfect."

But the real treat in this commercial lies in the big reveal at the end. We see the sweet senior ordering a suitcase from Allegro, then packing his clothing for a trip. He takes the bus and then an airplane, where he arrives to a quaint home all decked out for the holidays.

He enters the house and there he is greeted by the most adorable little girl.

YouTube, Allegro

Using perfect English, the elderly man says to her: "Hello. I am your grandfather."

YouTube, Allegro

Awww. Now we finally understand why he needed to learn so English, especially such sweet phrases like "I love you" and "You are perfect."

This commercial has it all. A kind and loving grandparent. A cuddly Jack Russell terrier. An exciting journey. A precious baby girl. And a happy ending.

Happy Holidays, indeed.

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