Police Officer Called For ‘Vicious’ Pit Bull Finds A Big Softy Instead 

When Texarkana, Texas, police officer Travis Frost was called out to handle a “vicious” pit bull in a residential neighborhood, he was prepared to deal with a dangerous canine. Instead, he found a big brown dog making himself at home on someone’s front porch.

To be on the safe side, Frost left the door of his squad car open when he got out to approach the stray — just in case he needed to make a hasty retreat. Then he whistled for the dog, who promptly came to him, tail wagging.

While waiting for animal control, Frost took some photos with his new pal, which were posted to the Texarkana Police Department’s Facebook page.

“Pit Bulls have a bit of a bad reputation,” the post read. “Travis said that, while you should always be careful around any dog that you don’t know, you shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs. They might be really loving like this guy was this morning.”

The dog was comfortable with Frost — and his police car. In fact, the intimidating-looking dog turned out to be a good-natured goofball.

All’s well that ends well in this case: According to the police department’s Facebook post, Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana was able to locate the dog’s owners through his microchip. The happy pooch was reunited with his family within 24 hours.

In an update to the post, the police department acknowledged that several people had pointed out that the dog is actually an not a pit bull, but an American bully, which is a mix of a American Stratffordshire terrier and a pit bull.

Whatever his breed, we’re happy he’s safe and sound!

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