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Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Sometimes you’ll be walking along, see something out of the corner of your eye, and think nothing of it. But, after realization hits you, you turn back to get a better look at what you had just witnessed. This is a double take. Now, here are some images that you won’t fully understand without a double take.

Growing Up

They really do grow up so fast. Nothing seems wrong with this photo at first, but that’s what the double take is for. Upon closer examination you’ll realize that isn’t the little girl’s arm, or even her shoulder. It’s too big and hairy for that.

Did They Break Their Neck?!

It’s a mere optical illusion. The person who’s falling simply has their head blocked in the shot. The head you see bending back belongs to the person seated in this chair.

Whose Legs Are Those!

Nothing wrong with this photo. Just three people hanging out on a couch. Wait a second… whose legs are those? Only two sets of legs are visible in the photo. And there’s no sign of who a third pair might belong. At least at first. This really is just a hodge podge of different bodies.

When Two Buildings Hug

It just looks like a normal building at first. But then you realize that parts of one of the buildings are wrapped around the other. It almost looks like it’s wrapped in a warm embrace.

Barking Dog

It’ll take a second to realize, but the dots on the wood look an awful lot like a dog’s face. It’s appropriate, given that they both bark.

A Face In The Sink

Old sinks often look like funny faces. This one looks a little sad or surprised. It does look a little run down after all. It has good reason to be sad.

Scrat From Ice Age

Another funny face made from a sink, you have to look at it from a certain angle to see it. And even then, it might take a few moments. If you’re a fan of the Ice Age films you night realize what that face resembles.

Baby Knees

It takes a little while to realize this, but this person’s knees are a little gross. Not because there’s anything wrong with them. For some reason, their knees just look like baby faces in this shot.

The Sword In The Cat

Fur patterns on every cat is different. This one just so happens to have a fur pattern that resembles a sword. If you draw the sword from the cat, do you become king of England?


It’s funny to look at this image, especially after you see it. That being the stack of bowls in the dishwasher that resemble a stormtrooper’s helmet.

A Bird’s Dropping

It’s always gross when a bird poops on your car. But it’s impressive here how it managed to fall. It’s a bird’s dropping that look exactly like a bird.

Don’t Drop The Baby

It really looks like this guy’s holding the baby incorrectly at first. Fortunately, it’s just that the baby isn’t wearing all of their onesie. Maybe they just finished getting their diaper changed or something.

Pushing Up

It looks like a regular pair of hand prints at first. But after you look at it for a second longer, you realize that the handprints are pushing up instead of down. It might just be a fossilized handprint or something else, but that doesn’t make it any less strange.

Dog Out The Window

Oh no! Who would throw their dog out a window like that? Well, the answer is no one. It may look like the dog’s falling at first, but it’s really just laying there. Turns out there’s no need to worry.

Dogs In The Window

Who let their dogs on the furniture! They’re not supposed to be there! What if one of the customers is allergic? Well, calm down, most of those dogs aren’t even in the building. It’s merely a reflection on the glass.

The TV’s Off

This seems like an interesting episode of a television series. Although, it’s poorly lit. That might be because the TV’s actually off. This is merely the reflection of someone sitting down on a couch.

Bikini Bod

Your first instinct will probably be to think that this is the head of the person hugging from behind. But then when you look down their body, you realize that may not be the case. Turns out, her head just isn’t visible in the shot.

What’s Really On Fire?

Guys, don’t panic, but the car’s on fire. Well, actually, that’s just a reflection. The fire’s inside the house… Somehow that might be even worse.

Starlight, Star Bright

Why would someone just take a photo of the top of a Christmas tree you might ask. Well, upon closer examination, you’ll notice the shadow of a star. And then you’ll notice that there is a star at top, and it simply blends in with the wall.


Ordinarily when a boat’s moving through the water, it leaves at least some ripples. This boat must be completely still then, cause it looks like it’s levitating.


Your initial reaction is probably that the woman on the left here is possessed. And it’s understandable, that’s freaky-looking. Fortunately, upon closer examination you’ll notice that her head’s a little bowed. As it turns out, that’s just the color of her eye shadow.

Hair Bun

Her hair’s all wet and covered in sand, but at her hair bun’s still intact. Oh wait a second, that’s not a hair bun. It’s a guy! What a perfectly timed photo.

A Perfect Painting Of The Sunset

This must be a lovely painting. Whoever made it did such a great job. However, while it may be on a canvas, this isn’t a painting. This is actually a mirror. Perfectly taken to capture the beautiful horizon.

Blending In

At a first glance this might appear to be a particularly large cat. At the least you’d be hard pressed to figure out what part of this blanket is actually the cat. It does blend in so easily.

Light In The Dark

What is this? It looks like a light in space. Well, it’s actually the light from a charging unit being reflected off a chair. That’s a little difficult to tell from just looking at it, but whoever took the photo knew exactly what they were doing.