Photographer Puts Rescue Dogs In Adorable Outfits To Help Them Get Adopted

Oftentimes rescue dogs are seen as damaged goods. People may be concerned about adopting them because they fear the dogs have poor temperaments or are sick and dirty. Arkansas photographer Tammy Swarek is working to change that perception. She wants people to see the personality behind each of the dogs. And what better way to bring that out than to dress them in adorable outfits?

“I wanted somebody to see that picture of that dog, and have some type of connection with it that they wouldn't ordinarily have just by seeing it shut in a cage," Swarek told Barcroft TV.

Many people who are in the market for a new pet head straight to the store or to a breeder. Swarek hopes this project will draw more people into the shelter for a rescue. And why wouldn't it? You won't find pups dressed to the nines at the pet store, that's for sure.

Tanya Jackson, the shelter manager, told Barcroft TV that the dogs have "gone from rags to riches." "I mean you see it, they're like superstars in these pictures,” she said.

Fortunately, the well-dressed dogs are, indeed, being adopted. Applications grew immediately when the project began and some dogs have been adopted in as little as a day after being photographed.

Photos from Barcroft TV/YouTube.