This Photo Of A Mom In Ultimate Multitask Mode Is Going Viral

Look up "multitasking" in the dictionary, and one day you may find an image of this mom.

Megan Meier is a sports and dance medicine physician from Oklahoma, and when she needed to work but her babysitter fell through and her husband was out of town, she did what she had to do.

Meier recently attended a football game and tended to the players, all while 35 weeks pregnant and with her 3-year-old strapped to her back. Meier originally posted the photo of herself to a group of physician moms on Facebook because she thought they could relate to her situation. But, of course, this is something all parents have to deal with on a regular basis.

As proof of just how many people can relate to this situation, the photo has since spread far and wide across the internet.

Although it was originally intended for other doctor moms, Meier told ABC News: "This is all of us."

Many of the comments have been extremely positive. One even said “Get this woman a cape. Wonder Woman.” Her talents are quite impressive, indeed!

"As working parents," Meier told ABC News, "we often have to multitask in a pinch, and it's so much easier when people are understanding of this. We don't make excuses — we find solutions. Fortunately for me, the teams I care for are very supportive of my situation, which has made these types of stressful scenarios so much easier."

If Meier's story doesn't motivate you to get creative about solving the issues you're currently facing, I don't know what will. If this mom can do it—so can you!

[h/t: ABC News]