This Photo Of A Grandpa Doing His Wife’s Hair Is The Sweetest Thing Ever


Remember those “Love is…” newspaper comics that would be filled in with a phrase like, “comforting” or “… sharing everything”? Well, for this man, doing his wife's hair after she hurt her wrist, it would be “Love is… doing her hair.”

“Cuteness overload”?! We'll say.

Sweetest. Thing. EVER.

Look at that concentration.

Their granddaughter, Amy Pennington, also known as @IfYouSeek_Amy__ on Twitter, posted the picture on Twitter and it quickly went viral, reported Refinery29.

Since she posted it on September 25, it's been retweeted over 100,000 (!) times and liked more than 220,000 (!) times.

Pennington never expected the tweet to become such a hit.

When she realized her post had gone viral, she tweeted this:

Hah! Poor grandma. It's apparent how much Pennington loves her grandparents.

Others love them, too—since the post reminded them of their grandparents, and grandparents everywhere.

And it makes others happy to see such an example of love.

It's also inspiring people to be like Pennington's grandpa. Awww.

And, most importantly, it makes us believe in true love and gives us all #TrueLoveGoals of our own.

Thanks for sharing this sweet, loving moment with us, Amy—and we hope your grandma's wrist heals soon!