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Perfectly Timed And Hilarious Fishing Photos

To some people, fishing can be really boring. To other people, it can be a nice, relaxing time. Either way, you’re going to find these images to be incredibly hilarious. Anytime while fishing, there’s a good chance there will be at least one moment that’s a real knee jerker.

Reeling In A Big One

This fish must be huge! And this guy’s using all of his might to reel him in. The rod’s bending, and you can see the tracks from him skidding across the sand. Just what kind of fish is this?

Bigger Than Her

This woman’s not exactly that big, which makes the size of her catch all the more impressive. It might even weight more than her. But she’s still got the strength to lift it up with one hand.

Well, people do use extra long fishing lines to fish deep below the surface. Although, this is taking things a bit too far. Most fish are afraid of divers anyway, and it’s not like they won’t see you.

The Fishing Gown

There’s technically no dress code when it comes to fishing, but you certainly wouldn’t expect them to wear this. The woman here’s also chosen a strange place to fish. You don’t get a lot of fish at the beachhead.


Ever heard of bowfishing? It’s a real thing where you shoot fish with a bow and arrow. She seems prepared for it. Although, it also makes you wonder how she’s going to retrieve the fish after she kills them.

They Match!

There are some fish that have teeth like this. But what are the odds you and a fish would have the same teeth? It might put things into perspective that you need to see a dentist.

Catch Of The Day

People love posing with their catches. This man isn’t any different. Although, of the two things he’s holding here only one of them’s a fish.

Fishing With Their Dog

Flyfishing normally requires you stand knee-deep in a river or lake. But most people wouldn’t take their dog with them. Maybe this puppy will catch a few fish of their own.

Beneath The Surface

There are so many different ways to fish. Although, barehanded isn’t exactly the most popular. It’s probably the most difficult. But this person not only managed to catch this fish, but lift it above the water to show everyone their prize.

Bikini Bass

It’s really the way she’s holding the bass that makes this photo so entertaining. That and the swimsuit. Wearing a bikini to go fishing isn’t actually that bad an idea if you expect to get pulled in.

Taking Things A Bit Too Seriously

Look at all the nets on this guy! Nets galore! And one a speedboat? Someone’s prepared to catch fish today, and they’ve already got one. Also they have have a rubber chicken on their helmet for some reason.

A Voyage Of Vikings

Once, the vikings would pillage the lands of Europe around the sea. Now, they use nets to try to fish in a river. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Although, you must admire the craftsmanship.

Fish Lips

Making some fish lips lips while getting kissed by a pair of fish lips? What a novel idea. Although the photo may look glamorous, the fish probably weren’t too keen on being fished up for the joke.

A Little Too Lively

When you catch a fish, they don’t die immediately. They’re gonna flop around for a bit before they expire. It looks like this fisherman wasn’t quite prepared for how active and slimy they are, cause he totally missed the net.

Not Impressed

Sometimes the fish flops around after you get it out of the water. But not this one. This one looks you dead in the eyes and says “is that all?” This fish is simply unimpressed by your ability to catch it.

The Wrong Way To Ice Fish

Ice fishing can be pretty tricky, or even dangerous if the ice isn’t thick enough. Well, this ice might be thick enough, but you’re not supposed to stick your head in the hole. That’s a one-way ticket to some pretty nasty frostbite.

A New Method Of Hunting

Seagulls do hunt for food (when they’re not stealing food from beachgoers). Normally they swoop down to grab small animals. But this? This seems like a much more relaxing way to catch your prey.

Too Boring

You ever get so bored that you just pass out. Well, looks like that might’ve happened here. And judging from the fact that their rod’s still there, they didn’t even get a bite while they were passed out. Maybe they should’ve tried a different spot to fish.

Bare Handed

There must be someone holding onto this guy’s legs, cause that fish is too big for him. Flopping around, there would be a pretty good chance he would go overboard. Next time, just use a fishing rod.

The USS No Worries

The irony is strong with this one. “No Worries”? I’d certainly be worried after this. That ship sunk like the Titanic. Fortunately, they were able to get the crew off of it and to the other ship.

A Sign With A Good Sense Of Humor

This one speaks for itself. Just lays down all the rules for this lake. And it’s written in such a way you’ll certainly remember to listen to them.

Shallow Waters

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always go fly fishing. Although, shallow waters do help a bit. And the walker probably helps the older gentleman make his way to the prime fishing locations. Hopefully the walker doesn’t rust.

Some Bad Luck

Oh no! The catfish ate Bill! Or maybe it just ate the boots. Either way, that fish is massive and catfish can be pretty dangerous in groups. Have you ever seen those videos of a school of catfish gathering to feed while someone was feeding a duck.

The Wrong Kind Of Fish

Well this fisherman seems to have had the right idea as soon as he reeled in this fish. That being, get out of there! Gators are no joke. Although, this image is quite funny.

Street Fishing

Fishing at a lake or river is one thing. What about fishing on the street? Sounds impossible, right? Not if there was a massive flood beforehand. And this man was completely prepared.

A Mid-Afternoon Snack

Sometimes while you’re fishing you get a little hungry. And you don’t want to stop, you might miss a great catch. Well, that’s why this raft is so genius! You get a nice snack and you don’t even have to get out of the water.

Help From A Giraffe

Sometimes, you need a boat for your fishing trip. Sometimes, you don’t have access to a boat. Of course, the only logical thing to do is buy a raft. And making that raft giraffe-themed is the best decision you can make.

A Custom Raft

A nice table and a recliner. Now this is the life. If only it had more attachments to enhance fishing. That’ll probably be in the second version of the boat.

The Best Kind Of Lure

Fish love cars, right? They’ll probably love to drive it around. And when they’re all inside, you just have to yank out your car on your line. Voile! You have a ton of fish!

Just Ignore The Sign

If it was just one person ignoring that sign, it’d be pretty funny. But with almost everyone on that bus ignoring it? It makes you wonder if the sign’s just out of date.

Mind The Wildlife

Well, someone may have bitten off more than can chew. That is a rather large deer after all. They probably shouldn’t have come to fish here in the first place. That sign in the background says “NO TRESPASSING”. The warning wasn’t to keep you out, it was to keep you safe!