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Passive Aggressive Notes So Funny You Can’t Be Mad

Anger is a basic emotion, but many people keep it bottled up or tempered. And that’s where the passive aggressive comment comes from. Ordinarily that can lead to the annoyance or anger of the target. But sometimes, the response is just so funny you can’t help but laugh.

Date The Food Cans

It’s just so easy to leave a date on the food cans. But, then again, they’d probably already have expiration dates on them. That’s probably why this person felt comfortable saying how they felt they couldn’t date the cans.

Don’t Touch The Mug

It is a glorious mug. Who wouldn’t want to touch that mug. It’s not that big a deal to just touch it, right? But sending a picture of them touching that mug is really going the extra mile.

Programmers Are Easily Frightened

The programmers here must’ve complained about people that just tap on the glass before. And they must have been particularly annoying about it as well. And maybe they like the song “Song Maria” too.

Labeling Food

What is this office’s policy towards labeling food in the fridge? Eating someone else’s food is one thing, but then leaving behind a sign saying you did it must mean you’re confident you won’t get caught.

Comic Sans

How much do people not like the person that put up the initial sign? Or do they really just not comic sans? It makes sense, they are a Fortune 500 company after all.


They should’ve been more specific with what kind of check they meant. On the bright side, they know all these people flushed. On the downside, they don’t know who each checkmark belongs to.

Not Debbie

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie. How much of other people’s food have you eaten? It has to be a lot for everything in the fridge to be labeled “Not Debbie’s”.

How Many Days Without Sarcasm

Someone must really not like all the sarcasm in the office. Well, they really left themselves open to this comment by spell sarcasm wrong.

Is Your Name Dave?

There’s a chance that the person in question isn’t named Dave. But sectioning off a portion of the fridge like that and posing a question as opposed to a regular label probably wasn’t the move for keeping your drinks safe. After all, another Dave could just go in and grab it.

Push It Harder

How many people have pushed this button as hard as possible? Whatever the number is, it’s too many. So many they needed to leave a note. And of course, it’s pretty sarcastic.

Printing Large Jobs

Technically, that “Job” isn’t that big. It’s a pretty average size picture of Steve Jobs. Of course, that’s not what the first note means, but it’s a fun work around.

No Service

Leaving behind a message like this on a counter is pretty rude. But so is leaving people waiting to be served for 30 minutes. Waiting for food is one thing, these people didn’t even get to order.

Food Thief

Now that’s some next level pettiness there. People left multiple notes complaining about this person stealing their food and instead they decide to double down. They really told their coworkers to bring different food for him to eat.

Staying In The Lines

So how hard can it be to park within the lines? You have a driver’s license, or at least a permit. And if you have a permit, a parent would’ve made them correct their parking if it was messed up. Looks like they’re going to learn a lesson that three year olds already know.

Jesus Is Watching

Remember everyone, Jesus is watching you do bad things. At least that’s what this one co-worker is saying. Trying to guilt trip everyone so that they stop stealing the office’s Diet Cokes. Well, the perfect counter to that is, of course, an actual Bible quote. The perfect one that would let someone go out and get a drink.

Unclogging The Drain

Most of the time when you leave a passive aggressive note, you leave it in paper. But this person just went the extra mile. How much hair does their roommate or partner let go down the drain that it caused this much of a problem. Well, enough to make a not out of. It’s very passive aggressive. It’s also a little gross.

Smelling Like Ketchup

There are plenty of trashcans that begin to absorb bad smells from getting food thrown into them. It’s completely understandable why these people wouldn’t want their workplace to smell like bad food. But painting the word “sorry” on the note left in ketchup is some next-level pettiness. Since now the sign’s going to smell like old ketchup. Is the outside trash can really that far away?

You’re Dead To Us

The sweetness of this cake is what really softens the blow. Unless it’s a flavor they don’t like. It’s certainly a type of passive aggressiveness, since you probably won’t be there when they look at the cake. But the message in particular is incredibly harsh.

Do What You Want

When someone leaves out a cake for the office, even if its free game, there’s an unspoken rule that you just cut out a piece like everyone else. On the bright side, the person that took their piece from the middle of this cake didn’t take that much. It still gives off the energy that they think normal social customs don’t apply to them though.

Bring In A Cow

You can match one passive aggressive note with another. One person seems to drink a bit too much of the milk out of the fridge. Hence the first note. Well, they didn’t take too kindly to that, hence the second note. They did bring in a cow after all. Although, probably not the type of cow that the first person was expecting.

Spoon Scoop

The reason as to why this is so funny is that they felt the need to use the same note twice. Once inside the drawer and once outside. They must have really had a problem with people not using the spoon scoop. People must get sick all the time from putting their hands in the drawer if they need a spoon scoop to begin with though.

Dishes Are Like Boyfriends

There may be a double meaning here. Presumably, the roommate in question just hasn’t been cleaning up their own dishes. Although, that may also mean that their roommate is having relations with their boyfriend. Hopefully they’re just not cleaning their dishes, because the other option would cause a lot more problems.

Spit In Your Food

That’s one way to stop a food thief. Even if its not true, it’ll probably act as a good deterrent. And if it is true, then if the food thief still continues to steal your food you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that they’re eating your spit.

Don’t Let It Out

Presumably Rusty is a pet, probably a cat or a dog. Leaving this note makes sense. The add on for the AC seems to imply there’s been issues with keeping it cool in the home before. And it’s probably an issue that the people living here have had. As for Jay… it’s pretty hard to believe at this point that Jay is another pet.

Game Of Thrones

Remember when Game of Thrones was all the rage? Either this person is behind on episodes and doesn’t want spoilers or are so fed up with hearing about it they just want it to stop. It’s a pretty effective sign. Let’s just hope people don’t talk about the show around them to ruin their day. They might need to get an update for this note about House of the Dragon.

Never Above 70 Degrees

The person that put up this note gives off the vibes of a dad. They hate it when you mess with the thermostat, it costs money. Donna must really love touching the thermostat too, considering that this one’s specifically addressed to her. Although, to be fair, keeping it below 70 degrees can get pretty chilly. But the tug of war between these two on the temperature in the room must’ve been pretty egregious.

Stolen Pants

What kind of weirdo steals pants to begin with? Well, the owner of said stolen pants really clapped back against the pants thief. The burn was so sick that whoever took them might just bring them back out of shame. If morality and the law wasn’t a deterrent enough to keep people from stealing, then maybe fear of being burned so thoroughly will.

Make Your Signs Bigger

The person who made this larger sign may have other some beef with the person that made the sign to its right. To be fair though, signs written in smaller text are much less eye-grabbing, so the larger sign has a point. Those two may be in a war of some kind. Someone wrote “Why?” at the bottom of the bigger sign. And the sign asking you to write your signs in multiple languages had someone write “not only language” at the Spanish and “French” parts. Although, at closer examination it becomes clear that whoever wrote that sign doesn’t speak French.

Always Jammin’

Jamming printers seems to be a common occurrence at workplaces. Hence why people probably put up signs like this one. Although this one’s got a good joke to it as well. The fact that “it’s always jammin'” is a pretty good reason to call a printer Bob Marley. And it even comes with a great song parody.

Consume Your Soul

Never push a pen lender to their breaking point. If you do not return their pens, they will eventually seek retaliation. The funniest part about this note is, despite the violence and soul-stealing that they are threatening on any and all pen thieves, they end it with a “thanks for understanding”.

Everything’s Temporary

This printer isn’t even broken (probably), it’s just only going to be there temporarily. Whether or not the person that left this note was actually annoyed by this fact or not, they certainly had something to say about it. This printer is temporary. But as the person who left behind that post-it note said, aren’t we all?

They Don’t Do Themselves After All

How familiar with this meme format are you? Printing this out and then cutting a perfect rectangle to frame the cup in the sink is a pretty petty way to get your point across. Especially over one cup. Perhaps there was some more dishes that just weren’t in this little sink. Hopefully the person in question did eventually do the dishes.

Cricket Memorial

Apparently, the origin of this photo is that a housekeeper didn’t clean up a dead cricket in this family’s home. Well, the family took that and ran with it. It may have started out as just a small joke, but has since expanded into a full-on vigil. The housekeeper probably really wishes that they just cleaned up the cricket initially. This really ballooned out of proportion.

Spoiled Milk

Sometimes you accidentally leave the door of your refrigerator open a crack. And that stops it from being able to keep things cold. The food spoils, and that’s especially noticeable for milk. That’s probably why the initial sign was put up. But whoever put on that addendum probably really couldn’t help themselves. It’s a pretty good drawing of a “spoiled” milk carton too.

One For The Price Of Two

The little pencil, addition at the bottom there has a point. Sure, it’s an important warning to tell people not to use both microwaves at the same time. But then that just makes you wonder why there are even two in the first place. Does each microwave only function because they’re on the same circuit as a second microwave? It’s certainly an inefficient system.

Hanging Hair

Honestly, seeing the same, single hair just hanging on the wall would be maddening. After six months, seriously, no one’s noticed it? And it’s just hanging on the wall. It’s even a little crazy that it hasn’t just fallen off on its own. Even the cleaning people haven’t noticed it. Presumably no one ever talks about it either, so it was the duty of the only one who was aware of it to point it out to everyone else.


This person should’ve just kept their mouth shut. Or, more accurately, not left that note. Although it’s not particularly clear whether the potato in question was a toy or an actual potato. There is a sliver of potato, but you don’t want to cut up an actual Mr. Potato Head toy for a joke. Well, looks like someone needs to get together $75 million for a ransom.

Loaves Of Bread

Someone must really love wasting bread. And Vince has a pretty good reason for being mad. Breaking their arms may seem like an extreme reaction, but it makes a lot of sense. After all, how are they supposed to keep throwing the bread in the toilet if their arms are broken?

Don’t Use Whimsical Fonts

Especially when you’re trying to get an important point across, don’t use whimsical fonts. You probably could’ve saved some space to explain why you’re not supposed to unplug the coffeemaker to begin with. And you probably wouldn’t have irritated your coworker enough that they found it necessary to put up this sign next to it.

Frigid Singing

For certain older audiences, the music from the first Frozen film may be a little… irritating. But for others, they like the songs about as much as their kids. Which can lead to plenty of outbursts of songs over time. Well, someone was either irritated enough by it to point it out or found it funny enough to make a sign about it. Looks like they were able to go five days without one song from that movie at least.

Kitty Depression

Putting up all those other passive aggressive notes to get people to do the dishes, those are probably more prone to make people irritated. But this! No one wants to make a kitten sad. Except those people that hate cats. But even they probably wouldn’t go out of their way to make a baby cat sad.

Sorry For Your Loss

The origin of this image is that the person who left behind the cake had recently gotten a new job. They made this cake as a farewell on their last day at their previous job. Well, they must think rather highly of themselves. Even if they’re not all that great, you have to at least respect the level of confidence they have in themselves.

Prints Will Come

“Some day my prints will come!” Sure, Snow White. Sure it will some day. Well, she did eventually get her “prince”, but she had to get poisoned and die for it to happen. So, perhaps it will take about the same amount of time for this person to get their “prints”.

Mouth Sores

How often do you think about potential illnesses someone may have when you steal their lunch? Well, you probably don’t steal your coworkers’ lunch that often. But, if you do, start to think about that. After all, this person probably has sores around their mouth. And that’s a pretty unflattering physical blemish to have.

Ice From Home

Hey! You shouldn’t steal someone else’s ice. Although, the second note put on the first actually does make a good point. Presumably, an office fridge or freezer would have its own ice box. Why do you feel the need to bring ice from home? Or otherwise, why do you feel the need to prepare ice before going to work?

Guess This

…That’s probably not the correct answer. As a matter of fact, on July 22nd that day, the person in question was making an announcement about their new baby that born. A nice little bundle of joy…! But not in the way this response may have been thinking.

Ate Your Pizza

They do say it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission. Well, Tyler’s certainly going to be begging for Chris to forgive him for a while. The short note apologizing for it, yet having still eaten the pizza, probably wasn’t going to do him much good in the apology department. But then he decided it would be a good idea to add a drawing of him eating and enjoying the pizza next to the first note.

Starving Toilet Roll

How often do your roommates get lazy and just not replace the toilet paper roll? Well, this is certainly a way you can make it more obvious that you want it done. The general rule is that whoever used the last of the roll is the one that replaces it. So if you don’t, your roommate might put in some fun faces like this in your bathroom too.

Please Wear Pants

Come on, Evan! You seriously never wear pants around the house? Ryan really shouldn’t have had to leave a note telling you that. We can only hope that Evan actually heeded his roommates’ warning and did as instructed. Coming home to see his roommate walking around in nothing but his boxers probably won’t be a desirable experience.

A Dangerous Prank

That might actually have been a dangerous prank to try to pull on someone. It’s not exactly meant to be eaten. It is a skin protectant after all. So don’t put that over your roommates’ toothpaste. Especially with how similar the tubes look. You know it wasn’t an accident too, because how would you accidentally put this tube over the toothpaste. Especially when the bathroom sink often has so much space for you to put thinks on.

A Heartfelt Apology

This is something that Eric may have been better off not knowing. But, at the very least he apologized for it. And gave him a warning. But that just leaves one question: what did Matt do with the pillow? He had to have used the whole bed. How bad was whatever happened to the pillow that he needed to single it out specifically? Hopefully he just washed the sheets and forgot the pillowcase.

Pee In The Fridge

Now, the apology is certainly appreciated. But an explanation is probably in order here too. At the very least they made sure to make plenty of precautions to ensure it doesn’t just get out. And no matter how many precautions they’ve taken, you’d still be justified in worrying about the pee somehow getting out.

Please Wash Your Stuff…

Going a long enough time without cleaning your stuff will make anything smell. And this note was actually pretty tactful in regard to telling their roommate to clean their stuff. But it seems the roommate didn’t take it tactfully. As a matter of fact, they seem more interested in doing pretty well-drawn meme artwork to get their point across. That being a big, fat “NO!”

Drunk Pizza

Yep, this guy was 100 percent drunk. Ignoring the burnt pizza and state of undress, the note doesn’t even use proper grammar. Too much capitalization and they say “get drunk” instead of “got drunk” and “leave” instead of “left”. A funny thought, however, is how this photo opt happened. Was it the roommate that wrote the note, or was the subject of the photo so drunk that they decided to move the burnt pizza and the note here before they woke up in the morning?

Dear Crips

You can’t see it in this message, but it’s a response to someone painting “Go Crips” on this woman’s wall. Well, she may call herself a nervous, old lady, but she doesn’t seem to have any fear. She’s practically daring them to try something. It’s more likely that the gang would come back and clean up their graffiti as opposed to anything else.

Moist Bills

It’s the summer. Hot weather’s a given. And high heat leads to more sweat. Which makes you wonder why people would think it’s a good idea to store money in more “unsavory” places to begin with. it’s understandable why this place of business wouldn’t accept moist or foul-smelling bills. It’d be gross to try to handle them. And it’s gross to make other people handle them in the first place.

The Sensitive/Insensitive Employee

Despite how things might seem, the first two notes are probably just a feud between two employees. Sure, it might not be a good idea to turn off the fridge. And sure, keeping the fridge door open might be a bad idea too. But it’s pretty clear that everyone else in this office isn’t nearly as invested. They probably don’t keep any food in the fridge though.

You Have No Life

This was a note left in a library book. It’s incredibly rude, insensitive, and probably 100 percent accurate. If you’re not a botanist, why would you be looking at this book in the first place? Although, this seems more like one of those children’s books they show you in grade school to begin with.

Plant Thief

Is this true? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But would you be willing to risk finding out. Bees are dangerous. Even if you’re not allergic, a lot of stings can be incredibly dangerous. You’re better off just returning the flowers. They’ll leave you alone as soon as it’s returned after all. Although, a group of bees is called a swarm, and not a flock.