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Passive Aggressive Notes So Funny You Can’t Be Mad

Anger is a basic emotion, but many people keep it bottled up or tempered. And that’s where the passive aggressive comment comes from. Ordinarily that can lead to the annoyance or anger of the target. But sometimes, the response is just so funny you can’t help but laugh.

Date The Food Cans

It’s just so easy to leave a date on the food cans. But, then again, they’d probably already have expiration dates on them. That’s probably why this person felt comfortable saying how they felt they couldn’t date the cans.

Don’t Touch The Mug

It is a glorious mug. Who wouldn’t want to touch that mug. It’s not that big a deal to just touch it, right? But sending a picture of them touching that mug is really going the extra mile.

Programmers Are Easily Frightened

The programmers here must’ve complained about people that just tap on the glass before. And they must have been particularly annoying about it as well. And maybe they like the song “Song Maria” too.

Labeling Food

What is this office’s policy towards labeling food in the fridge? Eating someone else’s food is one thing, but then leaving behind a sign saying you did it must mean you’re confident you won’t get caught.

Comic Sans

How much do people not like the person that put up the initial sign? Or do they really just not comic sans? It makes sense, they are a Fortune 500 company after all.


They should’ve been more specific with what kind of check they meant. On the bright side, they know all these people flushed. On the downside, they don’t know who each checkmark belongs to.

Not Debbie

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie. How much of other people’s food have you eaten? It has to be a lot for everything in the fridge to be labeled “Not Debbie’s”.

How Many Days Without Sarcasm

Someone must really not like all the sarcasm in the office. Well, they really left themselves open to this comment by spell sarcasm wrong.

Is Your Name Dave?

There’s a chance that the person in question isn’t named Dave. But sectioning off a portion of the fridge like that and posing a question as opposed to a regular label probably wasn’t the move for keeping your drinks safe. After all, another Dave could just go in and grab it.

Push It Harder

How many people have pushed this button as hard as possible? Whatever the number is, it’s too many. So many they needed to leave a note. And of course, it’s pretty sarcastic.

Printing Large Jobs

Technically, that “Job” isn’t that big. It’s a pretty average size picture of Steve Jobs. Of course, that’s not what the first note means, but it’s a fun work around.

No Service

Leaving behind a message like this on a counter is pretty rude. But so is leaving people waiting to be served for 30 minutes. Waiting for food is one thing, these people didn’t even get to order.

Food Thief

Now that’s some next level pettiness there. People left multiple notes complaining about this person stealing their food and instead they decide to double down. They really told their coworkers to bring different food for him to eat.

Staying In The Lines

So how hard can it be to park within the lines? You have a driver’s license, or at least a permit. And if you have a permit, a parent would’ve made them correct their parking if it was messed up. Looks like they’re going to learn a lesson that three year olds already know.

Jesus Is Watching

Unclogging The Drain

Smelling Like Ketchup

You’re Dead To Us

Do What You Want

Bring In A Cow

Spoon Scoop

Dishes Are Like Boyfriends

Spit In Your Food

Don’t Let It Out

Game Of Thrones