Paraplegic Dad Writes Sweet Book About Adventures With His Daughter

Glen Dick and his daughter Elaina have a real zest for life. The dynamic duo can be spotted kayaking, hiking and sledding—but one of 6-year-old Elaina's favorite adventures is driving her daddy's wheelchair.

This zest for adventure and love for his daughter inspired Glen to show the world that, although parenting with a disability comes with certain challenges, together they can "go anywhere."

When Glen Dick was paralyzed by an accident at age 25, he thought he'd never have children. But, 15 years later, his dream of fatherhood came true when he and his wife, Monica, welcomed daughter Elaina into their lives.

Since then, Glen and Elaina have shared a special bond. Their adventures started as soon as Elaina was big enough to be put in a carrier on her daddy's chest for ride-a-longs. He credits his daughter with giving him a love of life and proving that parenting with a disability is possible.

Glen chronicles their special relationship in his book, "We Can Go Anywhere: My Adventures on Daddy's Chair."  

Glen told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he wrote the book primarily for Elaina as a keepsake. Friends and relatives encouraged him to publish it, insisting the book's message of resilience would resonate for other parents in wheelchairs and could open a dialogue for all families about disabilities and difference.

"I am so happy that the book, which was inspired by the unique relationship I have with my daughter, is showing both children and adults to look past their limitations," the proud dad told the Daily Mail. "It shows people coming back from wars, or people with spinal cord injuries that this is possible."

For Elaina's part she loves spending time with her dad, and the book brings her joy to life. "This is my Daddy, he has a wheelchair? He's a horse for a cowgirl, riding out west. He's my comfy chair when I need a rest."