Pantene Asked Super Bowl Stars To Do Their Daughters’ Hair, And It’s Adorable [VIDEO]

Dubbed the "Dad-Do," Pantene asked three Super Bowl Stars, DeAngelo Williams (Pittsburgh Steelers), Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys) and Benjamin Watson (New Orleans Saints)  to do their daughters' hair.

A message for their "Strong is Beautiful" campaign, it highlights the importance of dads spending time with their little girls.

I love how these super-sized dads take doing their little lady's hair seriously, even if they can't perfectly complete the part, pigtail, or braid.

Some of my favorite quotes from their videos:

DeAngelo Williams on twisted pigtails, "You know what's easier for me? Running through a defensive line, because I have help."

Benjamin Watson on braided pigtails, "It's fun to do something new and spend time with my daughter?if you're a father and only have so many hours in the day, maybe this is something you can do to connect with them and build a relationship."

Jason Witten on making a braid, "Catching a touchdown pass is a lot easier than making a beautiful braid."