Overweight Mom And Daughter Go Through Stunning Weight-Loss Transformation Together

Losing weight on your own can be a tough and grueling process, and having someone by your side can definitely help — especially if that person happens to live under the same roof as you.

Mother and Daughter Duo/Facebook

Such was the case for Cheryl and Tessa Shaw, a mom and daughter duo who both struggled with their weight. Together, they decided to lose weight—and then they actually did it! Their transformation is inspiring.After watching a viral weight-loss video, the two women got inspired, and together they took up the "GiveIt100" challenge, which included 100 days at the gym along with healthy eating. In the video they created about their journey, at one point Tessa mentions that her mom just worked 12 hours in the ER, but they still went for a run together. Anyone who has incorporated a healthy diet and exercise into their lives knows that it can be time-consuming, though ultimately so worth it.

Together, the women lost 74 pounds after the 100 days, and they have continued to lose more since then. Tessa went from 186 to 135 pounds, and Cheryl went from 256 to 149 pounds.

The two have started their own Facebook page, "Mother and Daughter Duo," where they post inspirational health advice and track their own progress. The video about their weight-loss journey has been viewed nearly 3 million times, and it's clearly proved inspirational to others.

"I swear I had a huge smile on my face for two minutes straight. this video is sooo sweet," YouTube user aladdinsane wrote in the comments.

"This video made my morning. what a beautiful relationship," 1991gataloca wrote.

"Wow what a great journey. You guys really gave eachother lots of support. Congrats! You are both 2 lovely ladies. This video was very inspiring. I will start my 100 days tomorrow. Thanks for this great video," Reina Mendez shared.

The #GiveIt100 challenge encourages people to give up, take up or otherwise practice something for 100 days and to take a video each day of the journey.