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Genevieve Lill, Editor-In-Chief
Genevieve joined Simplemost Media after being drawn to its mission to bring positivity, and resource-saving tips and tricks to its audience. Genevieve brings a decade of digital media experience to the Simplemost team, and worked previously as the editor-in-chief of Make It Better Media and at YourTango as the VP of content and branded media. Genevieve has a degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Just don’t expect any stories on her love for frogs, it’s one of few things that terrifies her.

Christina Tenhundfeld, Audience Development and Marketing Manager

Christina is responsible for helping grow the Simplemost brand and is one of our most passionate evangelists. Prior to working for Simplemost, Christina focused her time helping fuel the marketing and community engagement initiatives for 35 brands across Scripps. And if you have questions on horses, Christina is our in-house equestrian expert.

Bo Schuerman, General Manager

Bo helped start Simplemost as a way to provide our audience with interesting and helpful ways to get the most of out of life. Prior to joining Simplemost / Scripps, Bo spent eight years with Procter and Gamble in digital marketing strategy. In addition to his time at P&G, Bo has launched a variety of new companies across both the digital and CPG space. And if you’re looking to start a granola business, he can provide a wealth of insight.

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The Delite

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