Why Dogs At This Shelter Live In Cottages Instead Of Cages

Luvable Dog Rescue is a 55-acre wooded sanctuary in Eugene, Oregon, that has redefined what a rescue shelter should be.

Rather than keep their canine residents in cages that are cramped to varying degrees, they've gone above and beyond. These furry guys have cozy cottages that they can call home during their stay at the shelter.

"A lot of dogs go downhill once they're in a shelter. It's a very stressful environment," founder Liesl Wilhardt, picutred below, told Inside Edition. "We wanted to give them an environment that was as cozy and homelike as possible."

There are a total of six cottages on the grounds, and each one is equipped with state-of-the-art comfort offering plush furniture, dog beds (of course), music, art on the walls, warm lighting and even donated recliners (so that volunteers have a spot to snuggle with the pups). Given all the amenities, each cottage cost between $20,000-$30,000 to build.

The shelter usually has about 10 pit bulls at a time, and they also have about 20-30 small breed dogs at a time. Pits get their own rooms, and the small dogs stay in the main kennel.

"It lets us see how the pit bulls will be in a home," Wilhardt explained. "A dog in a concrete run is going to behave very differently than a dog with a house, with furniture, televisions, and people coming and going. As much as we can learn about our dogs, the more successful the adoption will be."

Wilhardt also told Inside Edition that small dogs tend to get adopted quickly, whereas pit adoptions may take months. In addition to helping staff evaluate the dog's personalities for future adoption, this cozy shelter was constructed so that the dogs could better cope with a more extended stay.